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Summary: There are so many email service providers in the world. For Instance: Yahoo, Google, Outlook, AOL, Zoho Mail, etc. Today we will talk about two well-known brands in web email clients- Yahoo Mail and Gmail, and how to merge Yahoo Mail with Gmail. Both brands provide unique features to their users and have different customer bases. Now the question comes up of which one is better? We will discuss which email client provides better services between Yahoo Mail and Gmail in the context below.


Email Service Provider

The email service providers in the world are many and some of them are

  1. Yahoo
  2. Google
  3. Outlook
  4. AOL
  5. Zoho
  6. Mail.com

These are some of the prime email service providers across the globe. Today we will talk about Yahoo Mail and Gmail and How to merge them?

Which is Better Gmail or Yahoo?

In the section below, we’ll learn about Yahoo and Gmail and know which one is best. Simultaneously, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both search engines. Now, let’s move to the Yahoo first.


Yahoo Mail was launched on October 8, 1997, by an American company, Yahoo, which is now an attendant of Verizon. According to data, Yahoo Mail has 225 mail users, and it has four mail plans, one for business purposes and the others for personal use. However, you can also use other Yahoo service providers by creating a Yahoo account. Yahoo Mail also has this feature of choosing between email, texting, and chatting while using it. Yahoo Mail offers up to 1 TB of online storage for emails at ymail.com.

Pros of Yahoo Email

  1. It provides 1 TB of storage, which is a lot more than Gmail.
  2. You can access many other apps in Yahoo Mail, e.g., Calendar,  Notepad, News, etc.

Cons of Yahoo Email

  1. When you open your Yahoo email box, you will see ads on the display screen, which merely let you see the mail.
  2. Yahoo doesn’t provide extensions like Gmail.
  3. There is no surety of data protection, as Yahoo has gone through data breaches many times.


Launched on April 1, 2004, by Paul Buchheit, Gmail now has 1.5 billion users. Gmail is available in 105 languages. However, Gmail is a service provider, and it can be operated both on the web and in third-party programs. The Gmail service arrives with 15 gigabytes of storage. In addition, users can obtain emails up to 50 megabytes in size, which includes attachments, and can also send emails up to 25 megabytes. However, to send bigger files, users can put files from Google Drive into the message. It also has a search-oriented interface and a “conversation view” identical to an Internet outlet. Gmail is significant among website developers for its quick adoption of Ajax.

Pros of Gmail

  1. Gmail has advanced search and filters that allow you to rapidly filter out the mail.
  2. Gmail provides Extensions to enhance the user experience.
  3. Gmail provides access to so many apps, such as Drive, Youtube, Translate, etc.
  4. Gmail has simple Interface.

Cons of Gmail

  1. Gmail recoups the mail, but in order to access that, one needs to have an internet connection. If not, one cannot restore the mail.
  2. You cannot change the background theme in Gmail.

We just learned about the Pros and Cons of Yahoo Mail and Gmail. It made the point clear that Gmail is superior among them. Some users complain that they don’t like the ads appearing on the screen in Yahoo Mail. Therefore, these customers want to transfer Yahoo Mail to a Gmail account. Are you looking for Solutions to switch from Yahoo to Gmail? Then you will get the best, most reliable solutions here. We will discuss two manual ways and one professional technique to merge Yahoo accounts. Let’s see manual methods to merge Yahoo and Gmail.

How do I Merge Yahoo Mail to Gmail?

You can transfer Yahoo mail to a Gmail account through several methods. The foremost methods to merge Yahoo Mail to Gmail are:

  1. By importing contacts and mail messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail.
  2. By adding Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

These techniques take time to get Yahoo Mail linked to the Gmail account.

Method 1: Importing contact and mail messages from yahoo mail to Gmail

While importing contacts and emails from Yahoo, you need to execute the following procedure

  1. Access to your Gmail account.
  2. Secondly, go to Settings >Accounts & Import > Import Mails and Contacts.
  3. In the new Window, provide your Yahoo ID and continue.
  4. Click Continue again, and it will redirect you to the Yahoo login page.
  5. Put Yahoo credentials in the new window, and then click on Agree to allow ShuttleCloud Migration and close the Window.
  6. Choose the Import options and click on the Start Import option to start the process.
  7. Click OK to import all the Yahoo emails and contacts to Gmail.

Follow the above steps to import all the Yahoo emails and contacts to Gmail. Now we will move on to the next method. In this method, we will merge Yahoo and Gmail.

Method 2: Adding Yahoo mail to Gmail

To successfully migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail, you need to follow the process given below. In this method, we will add the Yahoo account to the Gmail account. Follow these steps for better results.

  1. Again, access Gmail and go to Settings, then Account, and Import.
  2. Click on Add a Mail Account and provide Yahoo credentials.
  3. Then click Link accounts with Gmail and hit the Next button.
  4. Now click Agree to enable Gmail to access Yahoo Mail.
  5. Yahoo Mail will be merged into your Gmail account.

The above methods are efficient for switching from Yahoo to Gmail. However, manual techniques are not effective when we migrate a large amount of data. It takes a lot of users’ time to manually migrate lots of folders. Moreover, the manual approach contains some added limitations, which we will discuss in the next paragraph.

Drawbacks of Manual Methods while Merge Yahoo Mail to Gmail

  1. We don’t get the option to migrate mailboxes other than email while transferring via the manual procedure.
  2. You have to migrate all the data from Yahoo to Gmail. You don’t have the option to filter the folders.
  3. Migrating large files manually is a tiring process for every individual.

In the above lines, we discussed the limitations of manual methods. Now the question arises, Is there a much better option than a manual approach. Yes, you can use an automated tool to backup Yahoo mail to Gmail without complications. Now, we will discuss the software we will use to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail account using the professional method.

How do I transfer Yahoo email to Gmail Professionally?

In our professional approach, we will merge Yahoo accounts through a prominent tool- Aryson Yahoo Backup Tool. It is reliable software that helps you backup Yahoo mail to Gmail effortlessly. It not only converts Yahoo mail to Gmail, but it also converts Yahoo to different email clients. You can also take backups of Yahoo emails as PST, EML, EMLX, PDF, CSV, and other file formats. The automated tool provides notable features for its users.

Learn How to transfer Yahoo email to Gmail by going through the below steps:

  1. Install and Run Yahoo Backup Tool on your system.
  2. Now provide your Yahoo account credentials and third-party password to proceed.
  3. You can now select the folders you want to transfer from the tree structure on the left side.
  4. After that, opt for Gmail from the number of options given.
  5. Then, enter the Gmail ID and third-party password.
  6. Now, you can select and deselect the options as per your choice.
  7. You can also set the date in the Date filter to export files according to date.
  8. Enter the name of the resultant file and select the destination path.
  9. Click Convert to merge Yahoo Mail to Gmail
  10. After the process is complete, you can download the status report.

Follow the above-given steps to migrate Yahoo mail to Gmail through the professional procedure. 

A productive method must include Yahoo Mail backup. This will help you easily and efficiently backup Yahoo emails onto the computer in PST format. Then use the GAMMO tool, an online, free tool provided by Google, to import PST files into the Gmail account.

To sum up

You can use any of the best methods given above to backup Yahoo mail to Gmail. But the thing is manual methods are technical or a bit challenging for beginners; they take too much time and effort. However, If you want to save your time and are looking for an easy process, then I suggest you go for a professional approach. Now, it depends on what kind of solution you want.

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