How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10

Recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10 using this guide.

Guess the number one cause of Data loss across the globe it’s not hackers, viruses, or software/hardware issues. It’s Human Error.Shift + Delete Windows 10

Everybody makes mistakes, and we’ve all been there accidentally deleting files only to realize they were indispensable. At times, we’ve SHIFT + Delete essential data from our Windows PC, only regretting our decision later.

Don’t worry, a few walkarounds are available using which one can restore shift deleted files in Windows 10.

NOTE: However, it’s vital to stop using the computer or storing new data soon after deletion to prevent data overwriting.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10

If its a soft delete, where your files are in Recycle Bin, they can be revived simply by locating the file and Restoring.In other cases, we can use Backup, Restore previous versions, or Data Recovery software as a last resort.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10 without Software

These are the available free methods for restoring shift deleted files in pc.

Windows 10 Backup Option to recover accidentally deleted Files

If you’re following the best data safety practices, chances are there’s a backup. Connect the Backup Storage Media to your PC and obey these steps.

  1. Open Control Panel >> System and Maintenance >> Backup and Restore. Select “Restore my files.”
  2. Choose “Browse for Folder” or “Browse for Files” and select the backup.
  3. Define the path to save your files.
  4. Wait for the restoring process to complete.

The process recovers permanently deleted files in Windows 10.

By Restore Previous Versions

Alternatively, one can recover deleted files in Windows 10 with File History. Here are the steps.

  1. Right-click on the folder which previously had the deleted file/folder.
  2. Choose Restore Previous Version option.Manual methods to recover deleted files
  3. From the available options, select the one dated before files were present.
  4. Click either Restore or Drag & Drop the version at any location.

So, this was the second free option for recovering permanently deleted files in Windows 10.In case you don’t have a backup or System Restore doesn’t exist. We go for a professional Data Recovery Software.

Restore Deleted Data using File Recovery Software

The Windows Data Recovery Software provides a complete and advanced solution for any deleted or lost data recovery from corrupt, inaccessible FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and NTFS5 partition.
Get back lost or deleted files, images, videos, and documents with the click of a button. You can also use this to recover data from a formatted hard drive, SD Card, USB, DVD, and other storage media.

Here are the quick steps:

  1. Download and install the Windows Data Recovery Tool.
  2. Choose the Drive/Folder for Recovery and click Next.How to recover deleted files in windows 10
  3. Determine the Recovery mode and tap on Next.
  4. After the scanning process completes, click OK on the dialog box.Restore permanently deleted files in windows 10 without any software
  5. Pick the destination folder for the recovered data and click Yes.

Surely this solves how to recover permanently deleted files in windows 10 dilemma.

Summing Up

Data Loss is a frequent subject that every user faces every once in a while. Even though maintaining a backup is best practice yet, not everyone follow-throughs with it.

Thus in case of accidental deletion, a windows data recovery software offers a one-stop solution. With its robust design and easy to use GUI, it is one of the best choices available. Plus it comes with a 2 GB trial.

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