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  • Updated on January 8th, 2020

Hey! Are you looking for an easy way to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail? After going through this article, you’ll be able to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail. We’ll be discussing the manual method and the professional way to migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail with ease.

Yahoo’s monumental descend have been harrowing, to say the least, and is a pivotal part of internet history 101.From being King of the internet and valued at $125B to later being sold to Verizon for a sad $5B.

Reasons to Transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail:

  1. One of the most devastating data breaches in which 3 billion users data got leaked.
  2. Spammy inappropriate ads.
  3. No easy way to Backup Yahoo Mails which are important.
  4. Yahoo recycling it’s deleted the Email address. So now, anyone can open a new account with your old id and access all your sensitive data.

All these are great reasons to migrate Yahoo Mail to Gmail.

The inhouse method of Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration:

    1. In your Gmail Account press, the Gear icon > Select Settings.transfer yahoo mail to gmail
    2. In the Settings page, choose Accounts and Import.import yahoo mail to gmail
    3. Select the “Import Mail and Contacts“option.
    4. Enter your Yahoo Email id in the text field in the middle of the pop-up window and press Continue to proceed.
      (Note:It allows Gmail to find the Yahoo address when it does a new Window opens.)
    5. Sign-in into your Yahoo account and press Next, enter your password, and press Sign-in.
    6. Click on Agree(The blue button near the bottom of the window) when prompted.
    7. Close the Yahoo login Window. A new pop-up with import options displays, choose Start import(Grey button at the bottom of the window).
    8. Click on OK, which begins the Yahoo to Gmail transfer.
  1. Note:It may take upto two days for new Emails to show up in your Gmail Mailbox depending upon the size of your mailbox data.

The disadvantages of manual transfer Yahoo Emails to Gmail:

  1. This method only migrates inbox folder mails.No other data imports.
  2. No way to filter the mails.
  3. The import process is interrupted several times by synchronization.
  4. It takes anywhere between a few minutes to a few days for the import process to complete depending on your inbox size.

Professional method to import Yahoo Mail to Gmail:

Using the abovementioned steps may work to move Emails from Yahoo to Gmail but offer minimal options. To export all of the mailbox folders with Inbox, Sent mails, custom folders, we use a third-party Yahoo Backup Tool.

How to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail using a third-party tool:

      1. Open the software and enter the credentials of your Yahoo Mail to gmail transfer using third party software
      2. In the Select Email Format, choose Gmail from the Drop Down. Choose the desired saving location and Select Next to backup tool
      3. Select the folders you wish to import and provide the date period in the Date Filter Option. (To download emails between the specified date range)yahoo migration tool
      4. Choose the naming convention from Subject, Date+Subject, From+Subject, or backup software
      5. Provide your Gmail login backup tool
      6. Wait a while for the software to finish the process.backup emails from yahoo
      7. After the saving process completes, press the OK button and Exit.

Yahoo Mail to Gmail Migration is complete.

Benefits of using third party software to move Emails from Yahoo to Gmail:

  1. The Conversion of all the mailbox items, including the attachments, tasks, calendars, inbox.
  2. Availability to apply date range filter to Save Emails from the desired time range.
  3. No fear of data modification or loss during the transfer.
  4. Ease of use, anyone with little to no prior tech experience can use it.
  5. One time investment for all your migration related requirements.
  6. Convert Yahoo Mail to PDF.

Summing Up:

I see you’ve made it to the end of the article, so far we’ve learned how to transfer Yahoo Mail to Gmail using the inbuilt Settings and also to use the Yahoo Backup Tool .
The manual method offers limited options, is rudimentary, and isn’t advised for big businesses and professionals.
As they have tons of data that is of utmost importance so, it’s always smart to go for a software for all of your Yahoo to Gmail transfer needs.Also plenty of other features too.

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