Top Ways to Import PST File to Hotmail Account

Migration process of local Outlook data to a Hotmail account is quite easy. However, there are things that you must keep in mind while uploading the PST file to Hotmail. In this blog, I’ve listed some methods, by using them one can share all the critical emails from Outlook to Hotmail. If you need to switch from Outlook platform to Hotmail then you can check out the techniques in order to import PST file to Hotmail. So let’s start!

Transfer PST data to Hotmail

Default Mail Folders: During the process of transferring mail folders to import data from default mail folders such as Inbox, Sent Items etc, you may face the problem as these folders can’t transfer easily. To simply import PST into Hotmail account, you need to first select all the items & then you can transfer all the selected items of the folder in your Hotmail account folder.

Calendar: The other and the best way to import Outlook PST calendar to Hotmail is by switching the Calendar view to the List view by using the View Tab.

Contacts: In this process, the other way to move contacts is the same as moving of emails from the Inbox folder. Apart from that to export contacts, the user can easily switch the List view through the Home Tab.

Task: Moving the tasks is an easy process. However, you can check out the things you have to do. Firstly, make sure you select the Task Folder rather To-Do list. Another thing is to make sure that the required filters are not applied and do select Simple list or Detailed list. This individual step will allow you to move the history of tasks that are already completed.

Transfer PST from Outlook & set Hotmail as the Default Option

After uploading all the required data you can simply remove the PST file from outlook.

  1. Go to File >> Account Settings.
  2. Then, click on Email.
  3. Click Data Files: Set the ost-file of your account as the default.
  4. Now, restart Outlook when prompted.
  5. Simply, return to the Data File tab.
  6. Make sure to take note of the location of the PST file.
  7. Select your PST file & click Remove.
  8. Close Outlook & delete the PST file.

Trusted method to Import Outlook PST File to Hotmail account

Import PST file to Hotmail by using add pst to outlook software is the best way to perform the migration. This tool offers the functionality to backup & restore the PST data into Hotmail account. The software is equipped with a highly optimized algorithm and also provides a simple and self-intuitive graphical user interface which makes it easy to use. There is no chance of PST corruption while using this tool. You can use the PST converter tool for all the necessary conversions.

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