How To Resolve Outlook Error 0x80072f06?

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  • Updated on January 24th, 2020

In this blog post, we will discuss the MS Outlook errors which come across while working in outlook email client software. The blog contains all the necessary practical solutions which will resolve the issue Outlook Error 0x80072f06 related to MS Outlook.

If you are the user of Microsoft Outlook email client then you must be aware of the error pop-ups due course of time. The versatility of the software makes it famous among various other email client software. Also, the flexible feature to work offline and online makes most users attracted to one software only. Here is how the error occurs.

How the Error 0x80072f06 Occurs?

The occurrence of an error 0x80072f06  is uncommon but there are several users who are engaging with this error on short terms. The error happens when the Outlook files do not sync with the Exchange server. The hindrance turns out as a pop-up message which is error code 0x80072f06 arise when OAB got missing. OAB is an acronym for offline address book which is present in the Outlook.

OAB is a type of contact list which is used by almost every email client. It is similar to the GAL(global address list) which resides in Exchange server. It contains the user information related to the contact list like name, email id etc. Just because of OAB Outlook users does not require internet connectivity to work on Outlook. When synchronization takes place with exchange server the mail automatically sends at the time of sending.

Reason of occurrence of Error 0x80072f06

The MS Outlook error code 0x80072f06 emerge when we try to update the offline address list from the exchange server. Here I have provided reasons behind the error 0x80072f06:

  • Erroneously updation of  .OAB files from the client side.
  • Impairment of windows files in the system.
  • Inaptly installation of Outlook.
  • Concern regarding the certificates related to security of Exchange server.

Solutions to fix the Outlook Error 0x80072f06

MS Outlook is an email client which is known for its variability and also the long featured set of functionalities. That is the reason the software is in the demand when it comes the managing the emails and its attachments. Coming to the solutions of this improper error here are the methods how you can fix this error.

Deletion of OAB files:

One of the reasons why Outlook is not working can be OAB files. In this OAB files does not able to sync with Exchange server for some reason. However, if you delete the existing OAB file then you can again download the file from the exchange server in order to synchronize the data. Then you may no longer face the issue.

Accomplish system restore:

You need to follow some steps in order to restore the system. Check out the steps to restore the data in the system.

  • Turn on the system then you need to log in as administrator profile.
  • Click in the control panel->all control panel items->system.
  • A window prompt will appear when the options system protection will be chosen on the right side of the screen
  • Select the tab system Protection under system restore.

Professional method to overcome MS Outlook error:

The above methods will help you in achieving your goal. But the effect will be very less to the applied files. Simply, the manual methods help in removing the error in order to resolve the issue which occurs from time to time. The Outlook OST to PST converter tool covers up all the relatable conflicts which help you in solving this error popup.

This software helps in recovering the synchronization as well. The updated features of this software make it different from others. As the features related to the error are the recovery of encrypted ost along with auto-updates. The encrypted feature allows high mode, compressible mode and no encryption mode to work upon. So choose the method wisely.

Final Thought:

With an effective solution, you can choose the better option of resolving this error message. So one should look for the compelling method to troubleshoot such Outlook Error 0x80072f06 or any other errors.

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