Manual Methods To Resolve Microsoft Access Error 2950

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  • Updated on October 30th, 2020

In this article, I have provided the manual methods to fix Microsoft Access error 2950. I have provided the step by step guide which will help you in resolving the MS Access 2950 error.

MS Access is a database system which incorporates the qualities of the relational model. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Despite being from the famous company the Microsoft Acess is not an exception in terms of getting errors. In today’s world, each one of us who is somewhere related to the IT industry is dependent on the database system in order to manage the task. Since many of us or even the other organizations make use of MS access as the primary database system. Moreover, MS Access has the capability to store and the security features make it different from others as well. Yet there are errors which come up anytime anywhere.

What Next?

As of now, you might get an idea of what actually is MS Access. However, there are some problems or issues which generates in the MS Access and do require some fixes and best recovery and error code 2950 is one of them.

So in this article, I am going to focus more on:

  • What are the reasons behind MS Access error 2950?
  • What precautions should be taken?
  • How we can resolve MS Access Error 2950?

So let’s find out what in actual is the MS Access error 2950.

What is the cause for MS Access error 2950? 

MS Access is also not free from errors. Hence, the most unsafe portion of MS Access is the macros. As that is the place where the execution of macros becomes difficult because of the automation. Therefore the process leads to sudden and uncommon errors. Therefore the primary reason behind this error is macros which are run by the database. Also by default, the database which is not trusted is run in default mode.

What are the common fixes which resolve Microsoft Access error 2950?

The uncommon error 2950 is run when the macro calls the VBA function. Down below are two fixes which will solve “action failed error number 2950”. It also provides you with the maximum turning output.

  1. Manual Method: As this method is time consuming yet the user needs patience in order to implement the method. Not only but also is the method which is free of cost. One can use this manual approach and solve the error.
  2. Error recovery tool: the next method is the approach where the third party software has a crucial role to give success. Furthermore, the tool is free of cost for the demo version as well as gives you the maximum possible output. One can use it only if the manual technique does fail.

Manual method

In these steps you are required to enable the current session in MS Access: For this  you need to maintain the existing session of the MS Access database.

  1. Open MS Access.
  2. Now in the above RHS side, in a message box type “options”.
  3. Now click on the options and a new dialog box will appear. There you are required to click on the radio button named as “enable the content” and simply click on the “OK” button. 

Now you should keep this thing in mind that the above steps will be repeated as each time you open the database in order to resolve MS access mismatch error 2950 type.

Import database to the trusted location

If for some reason the above method does not work in an efficient manner then try for these simple steps which will surely give you the good result.

  1. Open and run the MS Access on the system.
  2. Now click on the MS office button.
  3. Select the “access option” and accordingly select the “trust centre” option.
  4. Go for the “trust centre settings”.
  5. Now, look for the “trusted locations”.
  6. Add the new trusted location and transfer the location. Now you can easily use and open the access files without the issues. 

So this is how you can fix the MS access error 2950 with the manual steps and which is free of any cost. 

Make your self free from any Microsft error that occue due to email marketing or any other factores.

How to successfully fix Microsoft Access error 2950?

If for some of the reason the above method does not work efficiently then there must be high corruption in your files. You are required to use the error recovery tool which will remove the issue easily. This tool not only solves the “access error 2950 type mismatch” but also has the potential to remove other errors which affect the MS Access too. Even the advanced software has the capability to repair corrupt MDB and ACCDB database files in respect to restore the tables and other important components of the database.

In order to fix the error check out this video imparted below.

Final thought:

If you are looking for the best method to solve the problem. Then I would always suggest the method which will help you in saving the time and has the ability to give the maximum pertaining output. Thus, choose the best!

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