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Let to Learn How to Repair SQL Server Corrupted Database

In this article, we will discuss how to repair corrupted SQL server database. Above all when you are repairing the SQL server database you should know why we need to do this and what is SQL server. Let’s begin from the basic that is from what is SQL server database and how it can be corrected.

What is the SQL Server Database?

SQL Server Database is launched by Microsoft. It is used to store and retrieve data. MDF, LDF, and NDF are three types of file that are used to store and manage data. MDF extension is used for the Primary database SQL server. Startup information for the database is stored by the MDF file.

  • NDF extension is for the secondary file which is optional.
  • LDF extension is for log files. It contains Backup of SQL database files.

Services provided by SQL

Below are some services which are provided by SQL

    1. Notification services
    2. Replication services
    3. Full-text search services
    4. Integration services
    5. Analysis services
    6. Reporting services

Why Do We Need To Restore SQL Server Database?

In this section of the blog, I will tell you the reason to restore SQL Server Database.

    1. Error in storage media where MDF file is stored.
    2. Corruption in the file header
    3. Making a compressed folder for SQL Database.
    4. Accidental deletion of data.
    5. Disk driver having bugs.
    6. Attacks by virus
    7. System shutdown unexpectedly.
    8. Hard disk failure
    9. The database is in working condition and network fails.

Some errors that arrive in SQL corrupted Database

In this part, we will discuss about the error which appear when your SQL Database is corrupted

    1. SQL Server 605 error message – Attempt to fetch logical page in the database.
    2. SQL Server 825 error message – read retry.
    3. User table and database system table error.
    4. Corruption in database page level.
    5. Non clustered and clustered corruption error.

Manual Method To Fix SQL Database Server

Step 1) On your system run Microsoft SQL Server Management.

Step 2) Go to the new query button.

Step 3) Now write SQL Scripts.


DBCC check DB(database_name)




Step 4) Select the Execute tab.

In this article, I have shared your manual method to repair corrupted SQL server database.  I think every time the manual method can’t help you to fix your error. So for that situation, I suggest you use a third party tool that is SQL Database Recovery Tool.

Why can you use a third party tool to repair SQL Server database?

One can use a third party tool because it not only help you to recover your data but also help in compressing MDF File with no time. It is highly accurate. SQL Server Database Recovery Tool has dual recovery mode which helps you to handle error on different stages that are Standard and Advance. It can run on all the version of windows OS. This software helps to repair corrupted MDF file and retrieve data saved in a new MDF file.


According to me, the third-party tool should be used only at that time when you are not left with any other option. While one should go for the manual method because they are easy to use and inexpensive. When you are not technically much strong than rather than using manual method go for SQL Database Recovery tool.

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