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Are you search for the best method to Recover MDF files? Well, If Yes! Then you are on the right blog. In this technical blog, you’ll know the complete procedure to repair MDF files. But before we go through with the methods it is necessary to know about MDF files and causes of corruption.

Let’s start with a brief about MDF files.

What is Primary data file OR MDF file?

The SQL Server saves the database file in MDF file format. As we know, MDF is the main destination to store the primary database file. MDF is not a file type, it is just an extension which uses another extension (.gbn) to create a primary database. The MDF data file contains several different database items like columns, fields, rows, indexes, and tables. It also includes the necessary information of the database.

This is all you need to know about MDF files. Now in the next section, we’ll talk about the possible reason for the corruption of MDF file or SQL database.

Reasons Behind the Corruption of MDF or SQL Database Corruption

MDF files of SQL database are prone to corruption. And there are several reasons behind the corruption of MDF files. It can be due to hardware faults or issues with disks, drivers, controllers, or CPU. Software bugs and virus are other possible reasons for that. 

So, without wasting time let’s know them one by one.

  • Corruption in the media file that contains all MDF files.
  • When the user store database file in a compressed folder.
  • Modification or alteration in SQL Server file may cause this error.
  • If some of the file data deleted accidentally.
  • In case of corruption in the header file, it leads to corruption of MDF files.
  • When there is defected drivers installed in the user’s system.

Given above are some reasons by which corruption occurs in your SQL Database and corrupts the MDF file. In the next section, we will discuss the methods to recover corrupted MDF file. So, continue reading…

Restore SQL Database File With Manual Method

Corruption in the database is a critical issue faced by SQL administrators. They can affect business operations and can even lead to revenue loss and reputation damage. So here we discuss the reasons behind SQL database corruption and common ways to repair MDF files.

Repairing damaged MDF files

It is quite easy to repair the damaged files. You can either chose to restore the MDF files from the last backup that your system had carried out or chose to execute the inbuilt DBCC CHECKDB command. Though it is easy to restore data from backup, backups may not be up-to-date always. So, it is always recommended to fix the corruption issues using DBCC CHECKDB command. And if the repair process is not a complete success, one can rely on professional MDF recovery tools too. We will discuss both the methods here.

Repairing using the DBCC CHECKDB Command

DBCC commands or Database Console Commands (in Transact-SQL) help to check the physical and logical consistency of a Microsoft SQL Server database, and also to fix existing issues. The DBCC CHECKDB command performs functions of three commands, namely DBCC CHECKALLOC, DBCC CHECKCATALOG and DBCC CHECKTABLE, thus avoiding the need to run these commands one by one.

The DBCC CHECKALLOC command is used to check disk space allocation structures for a database, and the DBCC CHECKTABLE to check the integrity of the pages and the structures that build indexed view or tables; the third of these DBCC CHECKCATALOG is used to check the consistency of an online database. The DBCC CHECKDB thus helps in fixing all SQL database consistency issues. 

For this, run the command in the following syntax:


[ ( database_name | database_id | 0



) ]









[ , MAXDOP = number_of_processors ]




What If the Manual Method Fails? Well! Not to worry. We have also a plan for that. If you don’t want to use this lengthy method or stuck in manuals guides then take the help of Tools. By using the third-party SQL Recovery Tools, the user can recover corrupted MDF File of SQL Database. 

In the next section, we talk a little more about Professional tools.

Use Professional Tools to Recover Corrupted Database File

In case all your manual method fails to recover MDF file or you don’t want to use the lengthy manual method then use the third-party professional tools. Third-party SQL Recovery Tools help the user for easy recovery of MDF file.

Features of Professional Tools

  • Easy to repairs corrupt both the database file i.e, MDF and NDF files.
  • Perform recovery on several objects like tables, views, stored procedure, programmability, triggers, and default.
  • Provides recovery in 2 smart modes: Standard & Advanced.
  • Allows you to save recovered Database files in form of SQL script.
  • FREE Demo version is also available for users.

In this technical blog, the user will get a piece of complete information on How to recover Corrupted MDF file from SQL Database server. The blog contains all necessary information regarding the manual help as well as professional tool help. But in final, it is recommended to take the help of SQL Recovery Tools as they are used by experts and works well. Hope this blog will help you to solve your query.

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