Privacy Policy

The Privacy program of Lettolearn has self-possessed to convey as to get the better services who are anxious to know as for how their personal details will be shown in the global world when they visit our website. Any login credentials along with any personal details provided by the customers are completely secured with us. There will be no revelation of the details to any of the third party owners. We privilege our user’s protection by physical alternatives as well as encrypted electronica measures. One can read our imparted privacy policy program in order to understand how we actually internally collect the information, support, preserve and hold the user’s data in the accomplishment of the website.

What information is collected from Customers?

What matters most is customer satisfaction which is directly proportional to the number of visitors as well. We only ask for the related information which serves you better than any other. We only ask for the basic information which includes user name along with the email address.

When exactly the details is asked?

Firstly we collect from the area where the requirement is for contacting us. Then we ask for the email id followed with the user name. Secondly, we look for the feedback for our own interest in support of the technical services as well.

What we really do with the details provided by you?

We ask the information and impart as we get the information. We verify it and take further actions. We basically emphasize the experience and bring identity of content and product handout in which the user is interested. We regulate our website and update so as to serve you in a better way.

What are the protocols subsequent to protect your details?

We never use susceptibility filtering and additionally examining PCI norms. This is a useful specialized site. Also, we will never approach you for charge card data. We utilize normal malware scanning. We never utilize an SSL authentication.

Does cookies used by us?

Yes, we use cooking but not for the chasing you as the target. You can manage your settings so as to accept them or else can set off when not in need. One can always see the settings of cookies and manage accordingly as your browser demands for it. Also, Keep in mind that you need to set the cookies setting in a manageable manner.

Third-party vendors:

We never try to dislocate the information of our viewers in any of the case.

Third Party Links:

Yes, at times in our blogs we tend to mention the products and the third party software links which is completely normal. It is the choice of the viewer to view on that base and should understand the terms and use of the provided vendors. Hence, we don’t own any responsibility related to any of the content from those sites.

How we manage do not track signals?

We do not track any signals or start any of the cookies, apart from that do not advertise in any which way. Also, we do not accord any third party tracking.

Do changes be made in the Policy terms?

In case of any amendments related to the privacy program, we will declare a pronouncement in the same policy page. No separate message will be dispensed. So do visit our page on the regular terms and maintain the regularity.

Why there is a need for composing email Addresses?

We tend to collect the email id addresses from our users on the general terms. Just because to send the information, see the feedback, for the inquiries and more.

Contacting Us

If there is anything related to the privacy terms you can freely contact on our below imparted mail id.

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