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Outlook Error 0x8004210a is a sends and receive is an error which abruptly appears on the screen while sending or receiving the email is MS Outlook. Thus, before getting the solutions related to this problematic situation. One needs to understand what actually is Outlook error 0x8004210a and causes related to it. Then, look for the solutions which will give the maximum output.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client as it is embedded with variant new features allowing users to purchase it. The information of the user is stored in the central repository known as the MS Exchange server. The Outlook is connected with different users and uses different rules and standards to connect in order to send and receive the information via emails. However, in some cases send and receive protocol does not work due to some technical issues. Therefore, we may see the pop up saying Outlook error  0x8004210a displaying on the screen.

Causes of Microsoft Outlook error 0x8004210a

When comes to Outlook features customer rating is high. As it is famous among the users as well as in emails clients as well. The increasing maximum output it can turn to a decrease in the efficiency level of an email client. The thing leads to developing various errors. Here are some reasons which you can check out and relate to that.

  • Antivirus program might interrupt the quality of Ms outlook connection.
  • A restriction can be posted on the MS Outlook for standardized working.
  • During the exchange server processing inappropriate timeout can also cause delay.
  • Providing the wrong port number at the beginning of installation of MS outlook.

These were some general occurring reasons behind the cause of MS Outlook send receive error.

What is Outlook timeout error?

The error is commonly seen in the areas where the outlook is facing some internal changes. The changes occur automatically also without any hindrance from human too. By the operating system upgradation, software updates can cause this error. Due to the internal settings of Outlook, the changes in protocols can be the reason. When the settings are done in an incorrect manner along with the SSL layer protocol being mapped in an irregular way can cause such a problem. The port number setting and other relative settings if done inappropriately then this error message can pop up again in the screen.

Basic measures to handle Outlook timeout error:

Some of the basic troubleshooting measures are provided below in here. Some of them work directly into the problem and take out the solution instantly. While deep corruption might need some other preventive measure to correct the error.

  • One can check the installation settings of Outlook which might create the restriction in synchronizing the data.
  • Secondly, you can disable the firewall for time being in order to send and receive the email to the destination in the proper manner.
  • Also, can try to remove the antivirus software which causes the resistance in synchronising the data from the client to the server.


Manual techniques to cover Outlook error  0x8004210a

Above were some ordinary troubleshooting techniques which surely help you in overcoming the error. But only if the problem occurs when there are minimum chances of correcting the error. Moreover, you can try the methods which need modification in the settings. Besides, can look for the methods like configuring the settings of SSL layer in the system. Along which changing the port number for the better working.


Step 1) Configuration of SSL layer server settings:

  • Install the MS Outlook.
  • Select the option File in the upper left side resulting in the info.
  • Select the account settings option from account setting.
  • Now click POP3(Post office Protocol) and change the settings.
  • Now click on the option provided more settings window.
  • Now check on the advanced tab.
  • Now click on the button which turns on the server timeout range.

Step 2) Update server port numbers:

In here you need to follow the above step till the sixth bullet. Then simply click upgrade the server port numbers.

  • Provide 995 to POP3 if you have selected encrypted SSL.
  • Provide 110 to POP3 If you haven’t selected the encrypted SSL.

Alternative for Manual methods:

As the above methods will help you in solving the Outlook error  0x8004210a. Due to this one can easily look for the method which is much and more convenient in running the MS Outlook smoothly. Simply, if you are not a technical person and you don’t have expertise related t the commands above. Thus, you can simply fail to notice the above methods. As it is time-consuming and will mark so many bumps in your correction ride.

If you are looking for the method which will gain your maximum output. Then using the Outlook PST repair you can achieve the goal. As this will help you in verifying your SMTP address along with repairing your PST through the inbox tool. Also, you can check the article on methods to repair PST which will surely be going to help you with this error.

Final thought:

Likewise, we have tools to repair PST but the third party tool which I have suggested here is best suitable for you. This uncommon Outlook error 0x8004210a will be easily handled by the alternative software dispensed which makes the solution so easy and convenient to use. Always go for a reliable and efficient method which help you in gaining the maximum output.

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