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How To Open OST File Into MS Outlook Without Exchange Server

In this blog post, I am going to discuss on how we can open outlook without Exchange server. So before directly jump into the procedure let’s check out the before terms of the manual steps provided here

Outlook OST file

Outlook has two files namely PST and OST files. OST and PST files are the acronym for Offline Storage table and Personal Storage table respectively. So in here, we will be focusing on OST file and how we can open it without the presence of an Exchange server. OST file is located in exchange server itself and contains the data related to emails, attachments etc. with the help of OST file user can work in offline mode and then synchronisation will occur when the connection is established.

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Two methods of how to open an Outlook without exchange server

In here I have provided the methods which will help you in solving this situation. Check out the following steps:

  • Creation of OST file again
  • Usage of the viewing tool

Steps to recreate the OST file

In this method, the Outlook account of user needs to get synced with the exchange server. Hence, the following are the steps which you can take help from in order to open outlook without exchange server.

  1. Close MS Outlook if running
  2. Click on the control panel. 
  3. Click on the option provided as mail.
  4. A mail setup dialog box will appear.
  5. Now click on the email accounts. 
  6. Account setting dialog box will appear.
  7. Click on the data file tab and choose the respective account. 
  8. Look for the OST file and click on open file location option.
  9. Now right click on the OST file chosen and click delete. 
  10. Run the Outlook application again.

Note: With the deletion of these files close the account settings otherwise an error will pop up.

With this, an automatic new ost file will open. Apart from that, the above method will not work for the outlook version 2010. Thus, the above method will help in viewing and opening an ost file. Moreover, the above method will work if the outlook account is synced with exchange server.

Successful Method To Open outlook without an exchange server

If you are not satisfied with the above method. You are not getting the satisfactory results which you wish to deserve. Then you may try out this method as this method is easy and convenient to use.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems to open outlook OST file without exchange server by manual mechanisms. That’s why there is the use of third-party software which solves the actual above problem. The OST viewer tool easily open outlook without exchange server. It is free to use and does not require single bucks to invest in it. You can try the free version as well.

Final Thought:

I hope the above methods are clear to you and is helping in every which manner. As the tricks which I have dispensed in here is enough for you. Even the manual methods are easier to use along with the OST viewer tool is available in trial version.

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