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Are you facing issues when importing OLM files into Gmail? Don,t have to worry, here will find the appropriate methods that will help you to import OLM to Gmail. In this article, we will explain all the possible solutions to import the OLM files into Gmail, including OLM files, emails, calendars, contact, and other data files/items. 

The Outlook is an email client that is provided by Microsoft for both Mac and Windows systems. When a Mac user uses Outlook utility, all the data files get saved into the OLM file format. But due to some reasons, users want to move OLM data files to Gmail file format as Gmail provides security better than Outlook. But, first, we have to know the reasons to convert OLM files to Gmail.

Reasons to Migrate OLM to Gmail:

  • Gmail provides more space than the Outlook
  • Outlook can’t be accessible from anywhere but Gmail can access from any device.
  • Gmail can do synchronization with Outlook easily
  • Gmails also provides security better than Outlook

Manual Methods to Import OLM to Gmail:

To export the OLM files to Gmail, you need to configure your Google account to Mac Outlook. Follow the given step by step for configuration:-

Step1: By Enabling IMAP in Gmail

  • Firstly, log in to You Gmail account
  • Then, visit the Setting by clicking the gear icon
  • Select Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab
  • Now, enable the IMAP Access>> click on Save changes
  • Create a label to save data apart from Mac Outlook

Step2: Gmail Configuration in Mac Outlook

  • Open Mac Outlook and locate the File menu and select Accounts
  • Tap on Emails
  • Enter the details of the Gmail account
  • Click on Add Account button to finish the configuring
  • Initially, open Mac Outlook. Locate the File menu and select Accounts.
  • Hit on Emails.
  • Enter the credentials of the Gmail account.
  • Tap on the Add Account button to complete the configuring.

Step3: Move OLM to Gmail

  • Open Mac Outlook on the system 
  • Pick the folder you want to move
  • Click right on that folder you select to move>>Copy the folder options
  • Now, a dialogue box comes where the newly generated label name it to be chosen. Then hit the Copy button
  • In the end, tap on Send/Recieve button and now, you can find all OLM files to Gmail

Steps to Migrate OLM Contacts to Gmail

Step1: Extract Contacts from Outlook

  • Save all the contacts with Mac Outlook
  • Open the Mac Outlook on the system
  • Tap on File>>Export
  • Now, from the export window and choose contacts to a list (tab)
  • Then, add a name for the contacts file and select the saved location. Tap on Save tab
  • Now, save contacts from the Mac Outlook. Hit Done on the message confirmation

Step2: Steps to convert TXT files to CSV

  • Go to the MS Excel and open the TXT contacts
  • Click tab File>> Save as
  • Select the MS-DOS Comma Separated Value9(.csv) from list of file formats
  • Now, save the file in the desired path

Step3: Import CSV file in Gmail contacts

  • Initially, open Gmail and hit on contacts
  • Tap on More from the Google Contacts tab
  • Now, you can see that the Gmail moves to its old variant, where you can see the Import Contacts option click here
  • In the end, add the CSV file on the upcoming window and click import
  • By this way, you can successfully migrate OLM to Gmail

As you can see these manual steps are lengthy and time-consuming. To save time you can use the third-party professional software to move OLM to Gmail. 

Automated Method 


This manual method can only import limited files and this may increase the issue. The manual methods have many limitations such as time-consuming, limited data extraction, and many more. So, it’s better to use the third-party OLM Converter for the direct importation. It also converts the files from OLM to Hotmail, Yahoo, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and other email clients. It comes with an advanced algorithm and Its GUI is user friendly.


From the article, we came to know about the methods to import OLM to Gmail. As you use the manual method, you face some limitations and slow processing. To avoid these types of issues it’s better to use the OLM converter for direct importing the OLM files to Gmail easily. Any user without any technical knowledge can use the tool.

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