Manual Method for MSG to PDF conversion

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  • Updated on August 21st, 2020

This blog has been made to give you a better understanding of MSG to PDF conversion with manual methods and a more advanced method has been shared to take care of all manual interventions on your part.

MS Outlook and Outlook Express both are default software for opening MSG files. Out of which Outlook Express has been discontinued. But, multiple features and user-friendliness have made Microsoft Outlook the most used email application. 

Not only that, but you also get Outlook updates from Microsoft for a more modified email application working. All these advantages led to Outlook as the preferred medium by you. In case you are wondering about what is the need of the MSG file, we will discuss it next, for you.

MSG Emails

Outlook application uses trending file formats i.e PST and MSG. MSG files can easily hold hyperlinks and attachments along with the plain ASCII text for headers and the main message body. 

The export of MSG files helps in the purpose of archiving and storage. This step can even be useful in the scanning of malware. Many other platforms are not supported by the MSG files. Hence, the need arises to convert MSG files, but why MSG to PDF conversion, for that you need to read on.

WHY is PDF preferred over MSG?

PDF files have been phenomenal in supporting all file formats. This format easily takes care of all the formatting for text, audio, video, and even small details of pictures with precision. So, it has been universally accepted as a portable document format and number 1 choice to save your files. So, now more and more users like you have shifted MSG to PDF format for data originality. 

To do so, we have described here the Methods to convert MSG to PDF

DIY Tricks for MSG to PDF Migration:

There are two methods that can resolve conversion from MSG to PDF with the help of Outlook.

1st Method Employ Export MSG to PDF File Format 

Follow the below-mentioned trail of steps in a sequential manner to achieve the conversion from MSG to PDF.

  1. First thing is to pick your MSG file and open it with Microsoft Outlook. In other words, select any email and open it with Outlook.
  2. The next step is to go to the File menu of MS Outlook.
  3. After that, you need to dab on the option Save As.
  4. Then, you need to pick. HTML extension to save your file at the desired location.
  5. Now, you have to navigate to the file location and right-click on that. HTML formatted file and Open with MS Word.
  6. Next is to get to the File menu of MS Word and pick the Save As option. 
  7. Finally, you need to pick out .pdf format to save the file into PDF format.

Problem: You need to repeat these steps to convert every single MSG file to PDF.  To your dismay, there is no such help to batch convert MSG to PDF. Converting multiple emails by this method is lengthy and requires time and effort from your side. This method helps you to convert only message content but is unable to help you with attachments, formats, and metadata conversions. 

2nd Method Utilize Microsoft Print to PDF in Outlook

  1. Firstly, open your email MSG in Outlook.
  2. Now, from the Outlook inspector window, get to File>>Print.
  3. After that take Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer.
  4. Make it a note to enable options under the Print Options. This helps you to convert attachment to PDF.

Problem: This method can only be used on Windows 10 version. Also, this method too requires you to follow these steps for each MSG message conversion to PDF.  For the bulk conversion, you need a better alternate solution.

3rd Method Alternate Solution

Alas! These manual methods do not help you to batch convert MSG to PDF. But don’t worry, as we have a feasible alternate way that is the MSG File Converter tool to easily convert attachment to PDF. With this utility, you can rely on saving each of your MSG files to PDF in a convenient way. Use it to bulk export MSG files to PDF in an efficient and safe manner. 

Final Words

We have discussed here methods for MSG to PDF conversion. Users cannot totally rely on manual methods due to their limitations to take care of MSG file messages along with the attachments. We use tools as this can convert MSG to EMLX format also with the PDF file format. This feature makes this tool more productive. But, to increase the security and safety of those MSG files always rely on the MSG File Converter tool.

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