How to Merge Outlook Files Into One Single File: Top Ways

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  • Updated on August 17th, 2023

Summary: The article defines how one can merge Outlook files into one File. I have discussed the manual methods related to how to merge Outlook PST files in 2010 and merge Outlook PST files in 2013. Apart from that, you will also need to connect to the PST file. Regardless of its status as a notable firm worldwide, Microsoft has products that are doing exceptionally well. But the exception is in every story, and so is MS Outlook. In brief, this popular email client is not an exception regarding errors and has limitations. Here, I will discuss one of the mundane issues, i.e., merging Outlook PST into a single file. If you want to do the reverse, read this blog on splitting PST Files in Outlook.

Why do I Need to Merge PST files?

If you are using Outlook, you must be familiar with the term PST, as PST files store all types of data. It has some drawbacks, i.e., a size limit. Due to this, there is a requirement to Merge Outlook files into one.

Now we will read some more reasons to Merge multiple PST files into one:

  • When users want to combine numerous old accounts.
  • For better management and accessibility, users combine office and personal accounts.
  • Take a backup of your Outlook Accounts.
  • Protect your data from loss and corruption.
  • When you have multiple inboxes, it creates a lot of confusion. We need to merge Outlook PST files from 2010 to simplify the task.

How do you Combine Outlook PST Files Manually?

Some steps need to be followed to achieve a goal. In this post, I have provided the tested methods you can apply and see the results instantly. You can follow the provided steps accordingly. In this manual process, we have to complete two stages to merge Outlook files into one:

  • Blank PST File Creation
  • Merge Multiple PST Files into One Blank PST File

Stage 1: Blank PST File Creation

Firstly, you need to create a PST file in Outlook, and you can follow up on the steps that help merge PST files.

  • Open MS Outlook -> Click on New Items -> More Items, -> Outlook Data File.
  • Now choose the location for the new blank PST and provide the new name for the File.
  • Hit the OK button.

Stage 2: Merge Multiple PST Files into One Blank PST File

After which, you are required to merge all the PST files into the above PST file. The steps here will show how to merge Outlook files into one File.

  • Now click on File -> Open -> Import Options in MS Outlook.
  • An import-export dialog box will appear, and from there, choose the option Import from another file.
  • Select the Next button to reach another step.
  • A wizard Import a file will appear, and you must select the Outlook data file (.PST) option.
  • On the same page, click on Next.
  • Furthermore, look for the browse tab and provide the location.
  • Click on the Do not import duplicates box.
  • Now click and check the Include the subfolders and Import Items into the same folder.
  • Now select the Finish button.

Note: These steps above will help you import a single PST file into a folder. You have to repeat the steps to import other Split PST files in Outlook. Once you singly imported the files. Then you can completely import the data into a single PST file.

Limitations of Manual Techniques

Though the above solution or method is quite simple and convenient, it requires persistent effort to perform every single import of a PST file. Consequently, it will give you results, but you must patiently wait. You might face some errors, which will pop up as you click on the wrong checkboxes.

Note: If such a situation appears again, you need to start the process from the start.

Professional Method to Merge Outlook PST Files 2010

If, in any case, the above method fails to Merge Outlook Files Into One, you can check here. If you want to reduce the risk of data loss, check out this method. To use this, you need to follow the following steps:

  • With this tool, you can quickly and efficiently merge the smaller PST files into larger PST files as per the new versions of MS Outlook.
  • In addition, it includes all the tasks, calendars, and journals in the PST file.
  • The direct access to the PST file makes it different from other random software.
  • Moreover, it helps merge and join ANSI and Unicode PST file operations.
  • In particular, the software is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • The software maintains the integrity of the original Outlook PST files while merging them.

With this fantastic set of features, you can easily merge Outlook files into one File. However, the PST merge tool will reduce the risk factors and increase efficiency.


There are two ways to combine PST files, and both are okay to use. But the manual method has drawbacks; therefore, it can lose or corrupt your data. So, I recommend trying a reliable and easy method: the PST merger software. This software helps you merge PST files quickly and understand what it does, making it simple to handle the situation. Give it a try, and it should make things much easier for you!

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