How to Import PST File into Office 365 without Outlook

If you are stuck with your Outlook PST files and want to Import PST File into Office 365 without Outlook, then don’t worry, this blog is for you.

Whenever organizations move their Office 365 from their Exchange environments, they have to export their OST files to Office 365. Identically, Outlook users also need to export their PST files into their Office 365 mailboxes. To perform this procedure you have numerous methods that are given below. In this blog, I will discuss different methods to convert PST to Office 365. These methods do not need MS Outlook in your local system. 

Let’s first start with the main reasons due to which users are performing this conversion. 

Possible Reasons to Convert PST to Office 365:

Exchange Online is a platform with many applications available in one place and permits the user to store their data on the cloud. Therefore, there is a higher probability of data loss or the data damage will be lower. It doesn’t need an Exchange server therefore, there are fewer problems in the maintenance cost and the server downtime. Office 365 permits access to data from anywhere and from any device in the presence of internet connectivity. Some of the examples are- Laptop, Desktop, Mobiles, and Apple Devices including the tablet & Phone. If you are also looking for ways to create PST from Office 365 Mailbox, check this post also.

The user can use both manual and alternative approaches to perform the conversion process. 

Manual Tips and Tricks to Import PST File into Office 365 without Outlook:

You can use these methods to convert PST to Office 365. These are – Network upload method and Drive shipping method. Microsoft offers two-manual methods that require some technical knowledge to perform the complex process. Many users who are beginner or novice can feel uneasy while operating these procedures. They can use the alternative tool that will offer a quick and swift way to import PST files into Office 365.

Method 1: Network Upload Method 

The Network upload method is a Microsoft method that will import PST to Office 365. This method requires technical knowledge, hence, it is advised for novice users to take the help of an expert. You can use this method by first downloading the Azure AzCopy tool. However, the import process is tedious and tiresome.

Method 2: Drive Shipping Method 

In this method, the user has to save his PST files into the hard disk drive and then physically move it to Microsoft. As soon as Microsoft receives your data, it will form the replica of the data to the cloud. However, it is not so popular among the users as it needs physical shipping of PST data. 

 If you find it hard to perform these procedures, then you can use the alternative approach. The substitute method can operate the entire process smoothly. 

A Substitute Method: Import PST to Office 365 without Outlook

You can use PST Exporter that will convert your entire PST files into different formats such as MBOX, PDF, HTML, EML, etc. Also, through these tools migration is available from PST to Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and other email clients. The software is designed with simple and user-friendly GUI. The software offers the demo version that will convert up to 25 emails. This tool is compatible with all Windows 10 and its prior versions.


 In this blog, I have explained different ways by which you can Import PST File into Office 365 without Outlook. Importing Outlook data files into Office 365 is a very common requirement for many users. Users can try any of the following methods to perform the whole process. Many users need to convert or import their files from time to time. Hence, they must perform. If users find it difficult to operate these manual procedures then they can use the alternative tool. The alternative tool is designed with a simple interface that makes the whole process easy to use.

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