How to Import PST To Gmail Account: The Ultimate Handbook

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Summary: Are you trying to import PST to Gmail Account? However, you don’t have an exact idea about the strategy to migrate Outlook files into a Google Mail account. Have you stuck with the issue of moving Outlook contacts to Gmail? If, in that case, the response is yes, at that point, you are at the correct site to visit. In this article, we are going to disclose to you the ideal solution on the best way to import a PST file to Gmail account. We are also going to introduce software named Aryson PST File Converter for easy conversion. Furthermore, if you are anxious to find out about the PST to Gmail migration, Then read this article until the end.

Small Introduction About Gmail

Gmail is very notable to us, and it can well be expected that, if not all, then most people have Gmail accounts. The following blog post is written about what PST and Gmail are and for what reason one has to migrate or import PST into Gmail. The article further clarifies the strategies involved in importing PST file into Gmail.

In this digital world, emails have become an obvious communication source. Two of the most significant email clients today are Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. MS Outlook has the MS Office Suite, and its email is stored in two diverse file formats, in particular, PST and OST in Windows. Let us see the factors responsible for importing PST To Gmail Account. 

What is the reason to import PST file into Gmail?

Be that as it may, why Import PST file into Gmail? All things considered, Converting PST files to Gmail, has its very own advantages. The advantages of this conversion are reflected in the following points:

  1. Gmail gives you enormous storage, so you can store significant messages for free.
  2. Gmail enables you to use a few applications using an individual Gmail ID.
  3. Gmail gives you a messenger, which you can use to chat with other users.
  4. Simple to manage.
  5. You can get to it through any process, independent of time and place. Regardless of whether it is Android or an iPhone, Windows Office Suite or Mac OS, it very well may be synchronized effectively independent of the device being used.
  6. Contrasting with some other email clients Gmail is free and just as usable as other email clients. With Gmail, you don’t need to be an extremely technical geek.
  7. Lost your Gmail password? Don’t take on the stress. Moreover, account recovery has turned out to be far more developed and simpler with Gmail. Using your registered mobile number,you can recover your Gmail account.
  8. You can send email in a short moment and rapid account?, in a protected way.
  9. In contrast to Outlook, (where purchasing an authorized version of Microsoft Suite is important to use Outlook). Gmail requires no such charges.

Having described in detail, the explanations behind the reason for the migration of PST to Gmail. It is time we see how the import process works. The methods commit themselves in clarifying the strategies of how you can convert or import PST file to Gmail, both manually as well as by means of third-party software. You can also check the blog for Adding PST file to Outlook, here.

What are the Top Ways to Import PST to Gmail Account

In here PST to Gmail Import process works in two unique ways. If in case you haven’t configured your Outlook you need to follow these two steps.

  1. Firstly import PST file to Gmail using Outlook.
  2. Secondly use a professional method that directly imports PST file to Gmail.

Import PST file to Gmail using Outlook

With this method we’ll leran how to import PST file to Gmail using Outlook. Now, follow the below steps carefully: 

Configuring Outlook using G suite:

  1. First, Sign in to your Gmail account. 
  2. Secondly, click on the gear-like button on the upper right.
  3. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 2

  4. From there, click on Settings. 
  5. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 3

  6. Now, on the top, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  7. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 4

  8. A wizard will open. From there, click on the IMAP Access section. Simply enable IMAP.
  9. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 5

  10. Click on the Save Changes.
  11. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 6

  12. Check out “”. Select the Turn On alternative for less secure applications. 
  13. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 7

Having done that, it is now time to reveal to you how to configure your Gmail with Outlook. If you have Office 365. Then open Outlook and follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the File menu and then click on Add Account.
  2. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 2.1

  3. Provide your Email ID and click on the connect button.
  4. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 2.2

  5. After that, enter the Password and click on the connect button.
  6. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 2.3

  7. Deliver your username by providing the email ID and your password. Click OK. 
  8. Import PST To Gmail Account Step 2.4

  9. You’ve figured out how to configure your email account.

Professional Method to Convert PST to Gmail

Moving your Outlook files to Gmail will help in many different ways. There are fewer chances of issues in Gmail. Although manual techniques to import PST to Gmail Account are simple, there might be the possibility of glitches. It is subsequently best for you to utilize an increasingly manual approach that has been given by means of the PST Repair Tool. Best of all, The tool likewise provides the conversion process from PST to Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and Thunderbird. If you are looking for ways to Import PST File into Office 365, check here.



I hope this blog is helpful in clearing your doubts about your task. As we discussed above, Gmail is an email client that is much preferable to Outlook. In this article, we have examined two answers for various circumstances. In the same way, understand the situation, select the method that fits best with your requirements, and backup Outlook to Gmail without losing any sort of information. Check out the video, which will help you import PST to Gmail Account and other email clients and File Formats.

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