How to Import Gmail Email to Outlook

Many of you want to import Gmail email to outlook and this is due to the reason in the recent update Outlook provides many new features that are not provided by any other email client. The main part is that Outlook is fully focused on Business personals who want to save their emails regularly. So, if you also the one who looks forward to migrating Gmail emails to Outlook then follow the guidelines provided in this article. And read this carefully so that no step can left out.

Let’s first know the concepts why users look forward to migrating Gmail email to Outlook:

Why users prefer Outlook over Gmail

  1. Integral Across Email, Calendar & Contacts – Outlook Email is one of the most used modes of communication at work today. Users mainly use Outlook due to its one-stop solution to set up the meetings with clients, to find more information about the contacts, & to dial into conference calls or jump into online meetings.
  2. To Access Emails Offline – One of the big advantages of using the Outlook is that the user can also respond to the emails even in the offline modes which ultimately saves the user from losing their data when they are working online.
  3. Organize emails according to you – Not every user works in the same way, some like their uniqueness too, and hence Outlook provides a user-specified way to organize the Outlook emails but in the case of Gmail, it is specified to some specific labels.
  4. Scheduling meeting rooms – In outlook users can easily schedule the resources like the meeting rooms, projects, and other tasks, users can also do this with the help of Gmail too but their steps to doing that are cumbersome.
  5. Ignore less needed conversation – Outlook helps to ignore the someone less worthy or not required emails by sending them to deleted item folder, apart from this, a user has the cleanup option where all new emails kept intact and old email is sent to the deleted folder item.

Methods to Import Gmail Email to Outlook

Here we are going to discuss the methods that are essential to migrate Gmail to Outlook. So, there are two best available methods to migrate the Gmail email to Outlook. And these are:

  1. Manual Techniques
  2. Professional Techniques

We will discuss here both the techniques. Let’s start with the manual techniques:

Manual Techniques to Transfer Gmail Gmail to Outlook

Follow the below steps to export Gmail emails:

    1. Open Outlook mail and log-in using Outlook credentials.
    2. Go to setting icon and then choose View all Outlook settings.
    3. After this, select Mail and then Sync Email.
    4. Opt for Gmail.
    5. Put any display name in the Connect your Google account window.
    6. Choose an option ‘Connect your Google account so we can import your email from Gmail.’
    7. Select ‘Create a new folder for imported email, with subfolders like in Gmail.’
    8. On the sign-in window, select the desired Gmail account.

After completing all these steps successfully, you will find that all your Gmails are transferred to Outlook. But as you completed this process manually so, you will find some disadvantages of using this. Let’s discuss them here:

Why Export Gmail Emails to Outlook is NOT Reliable Through Manual Ways?

As manual ways are free methods but these have some disadvantages in it. And these are:

      1. It takes a lot of time to execute the steps.
      2. There is always a risk of data loss and data corruption.
      3. Users must have technical knowledge otherwise it will create a problem.
      4. Etc.

As there is some disadvantage in the manual steps so, user can opt Professional method to import Gmail email to Outlook. Let’s discuss them here:

Professional Technique to Transfer Gmail Email to Outlook

If you find difficulties in sending the mails then you can opt for the professional techniques. In professional techniques, one has to take the help of the utility to transfer Gmail emails to Outlook. Through these methods, one can easily transfer the mails and it doesn’t even require any technical knowledge as it is developed with the simple GUI. Generally, professionals use the Gmail Backup Tool to move their emails in bulk from Gmail to Outlook. Through this, they can save their time apart from this there are many other advantages of using them.

Now, let’s discuss the professional Gmail Backup Tool:

Benefits of Using the Professional Tools

        • Users can able to delete the emails after migration and free up the server space.
        • Options are available to resume the backup after the backup interruptions, instead to create a new one.
        • Provide you with the facility to manage the internet bandwidth for secure backup.
        • Users can also able to migrate the attachments also, as this option is not available in the casa of manual process.

Wrap Up

In this technical guide, you will get to know about the methods to import Gmail email to Outlook with the help of 2 different methods i.e., Manual method as well as Professional method. Although there are two methods provided to you, it is always recommended to users, to use the Professional Gmail Backup Tool to migrate your mails easily and rapidly.

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