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How To Repair Outlook PST 2007- Two Free Methods

repair outlook pst
Written by Ishita Gusain

“In this article, we will discuss the two free methods which will focus on how to repair outlook pst 2007 and above versions as well. The methods listed below are tested fully along with free of cost tag. Besides then you can recover missing Outlook pst with these methods. Hope, you will find them useful. But before that shall learn some terms regarding the process of repair pst file.”

MS Outlook is a e-mail client software which has two working files called OST and PST. OST folder helps you to work in offline mode. You can work on it even you are offline. Reconnecting with the mail server will synchronize the data.

PST folder of MS Outlook is generally saved in the user’s side or client-side. In case, the server fails to work or somehow lost the data then OST files can help in restoring the data. But the problem lies, as OST format does not work on any other mail server. That’s why there is the requirement of converting of OST file into PST file.

Why we need the conversion of OST file into PST file ?

  • If you need to take the backup of your mailbox then conversion of OST to PST is required.
  • When the Exchange server gets somewhere fail to work then there is the necessity of OST to PST converter.
  • If the user wants to save the OST data which was not saved earlier then the backup is required in PST format.
  • If somehow you need to change the entire setup of your organization then there is the requirement of OST to PST. As it will help you in recovering the data in the best manner.

So, to prevail over this problems you need to recover OST file in order to fix these conflicts. Somehow, you won’t get the right method or tool which can repair the OST file and it becomes difficult  to solve the situation. In order to shadow this case you need to convert OST to PST. In here I have provided the free pst repair tool which you can use and repair the PST file with.

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How to repair Outlook PST 2007 ?

There are several other methods which can convert OST file to PST file presuming that you can log in the Outlook with the same Exchange profile you had made.

Method 1) Export mailbox as a PST file:

  1.  Go to Import and Export and then click Import/Export

2. Now click export to a file -> NEXT .

3. Then select Outlook PST -> NEXT

4. Select the folder which you need to export and then click NEXT.

5. In this browse the location where you want to save the pst file. Similarly choose the options related to Do not export duplicate items.

Method 2) Archiving to save OST emails to PST

In this method we need to save the emails from OST file to PST folder. Firstly you need to enable archiving. With this you can manage the size of your mailbox at an optimum manner. Most cases we tend to lose our pst files so there is a need to repair Outlook PST file. Simply, follow the steps to create mailbox archive and save it to further desired location.

  1. Install the Outlook application, then click the files menu and then click options.
  2. Now click Advanced option on the left side and click on auto archive settings.

3. In this next step, you will be provided with the number of days in which you will allow auto archiving. Now simply make a separate folder and provide options and click OK.

4. As per your archiving settings you have made your entire mailbox will be converted from OST to PST.

Professional  method to recover PST file

With these methods, you can convert the data from OST file to PST having the authentic account of the Exchange server. Again the use of automated software one can easily convert the one format to another one. I suggest you to check out this direct method which is professional way i,e. Outlook PST recovery which will surely help you to convert the data. The friendly user interface of the software which repair an Outlook PST makes it efficient and effective for the use. If you are not a technical person and you don’t have skills regarding the software installation. Then also you can simply use the software with the provided instructions and can easily convert OST to PST format.

Final thought:

These above methods provided will help you surely rebuild the pst file. But I suggest you the best so that you do not need to struggle with the various random methods instead of only focusing on the right one. Moreover, with the help of a rebuild pst file software a novice person can repair Outlook pst in lesser time. I hope now it is clear how to repair outlook pst 2007. It will help you in less wastage of time as well as better experience to stand out than other methods.

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