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How To Repair Corrupt VHD File?

recover corrupt VHD file

In this article, I am going to share information related to VHD files. What actually is VHD file? What are the reasons behind corruption of a VHD file? How to resolve and repair corrupt vhd file. So continue reading till you get the methods of restoring the corrupted VHD files.

What is a VHD file?

VHD stands for Virtual Hard disk and is a file format for the hard disk. VHD file is similar to that of the formatted hard disk. VHD file contains normal contents which include disk partitions, master boot record along with the file system. We can use this file as a logical partition. Not only-but also this is the reason why there can exist multiple operating systems on a single computer. Also, there is no requirement for partitioning the hard disk. Below are the reasons I have dispensed to repair corrupt VHD file.

Reasons behind the corruption of VHD file?

There are several reasons behind the corruption related to the VHD File. VHD file is just a similar structure to the physical hard disk drive. So it is very prone to errors and corruption.

  • Inappropriate system shut down.
  • Software corruption.
  • Malicious attacks to the software.
  • Disk drive storage defeat/failure.

How to restore and repair the corrupt VHD file?

There are methods which I have dispensed below in order to restore the VHD files. The methods are easy and yet to remember.  As a result, check out the methods dispensed here below.

1) VHD recovery via Windows Powershell:

The first and foremost method of restoring the VHD data is through the Windows Powershell method. For this, you need to type and run some relatable commands it. Although, with the help of Windows PowerShell, the method you can mount the respective folder to the root.  Not only but also with this method, you can repair the less corrupt vhd file. Accordingly, run CHKDSK on the vhd file for the completion of the process.

  • This command will help you select the vhd file in order to get mounted- $VHDName=”E:\xyzdrive.vhd”
  • This command will help you in getting Image management Service- $VHDService = get-wmiobject -class “Msvm_ImageManagementService” -namespace “root\virtualization” -computername “.”
  • $Result = $VHDService.Mount($VHDName)- Now the vhd is been mounted so for checking purpose simply type the above command.

2) VHD recovery through Microsoft vhd repair tool:

An executable file helps in recovering the file VHD file which you are targeting. Microsoft provides the executable file for the basic recovery of VHD file. Moreover, the user can easily recover and restore the respective VHD files in a short duration of time.

Check out the following steps and then you are done with it.

  1. Download .exe file of VHD recovery.
  2. Run the file as admin.
  3. Now, go for the provided command.

exe /repair <BaseVhdFileName> <FirstSnapshotAVhdFileName> [/quiet]

3) VHD recovery via virtual machines:

One can easily try the steps related to VHD recovery by virtual machines. In addition to here are the basic steps which need to be followed for VHD recovery.

  1. Create a virtual server then add a hard disk to it.
  2. Select the settings button and then on created hard disk add the VHD file which needs to get repaired.
  3. Click on the virtual disk.
  4. A window will open in which an option compact will be provided. Now select the option to convert it to a fixed-size virtual hard disk option.
  5. Simply save the VHD file with the new name given on it.

4) VHD recovery software free demo version:

As the name suggests this is an alternate solution related to the VHD recovery. If provided above methods don’t work right for you, then probably might be the chances that the VHD file is highly corrupted. However, you might need the software which can solve the problem. So I have suggested a software which is highly efficient and convenient to use. Therefore, if somewhere other tools won’t work then this software will take you out from the problematic situation.

Final thought:

One can easily access the software because of the user interface. The easily understandable interface makes the user convenient to use the software. Furthermore, here are the easy methods to repair corrupt vhd file. Thus, with the help of the software, any hard disk regarding problems can be fixed.

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