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How to merge outlook pst files 2010- Basic steps

merge Outlook pst file

The article defines the process on merge pst file into a single file. Here, I have discussed the manual methods related to how to merge outlook pst files 2010. Not only-but also provide the information of free automated method which will help in merging technique.

Regardless of the notable firm all around the world, Microsoft has the products which are doing extremely well. But the exception is there in every story and so for MS Outlook. In brief, this popular email client is not a special case related to errors and has limitations of its own. So in here, I will discuss one of the mundane occurred issue i.e, merging of Outlook PST into a single file.

Why there is a need to merge an Outlook 2016 PST into one file?

In here we will discuss why there is a need of merging of outlook PST file.

  • Primarily in older versions of Outlook the pst storage was different as that of now. Further, in the prior versions the Outlook was bound with the size limit of PST file.
  • Evidently, the upcoming versions or later editions have overcome the size related issues.
  • Specifically, when the size of the files were limited with the certain size and do not exceed the limit. Till then the pst file was working fine, as soon as the file size overreach its restrained point it start confronting the corruption problems.
  • Outlook 2013, 2016, 2010 are the latest version which prevailed over the problem of smaller pst files.
  • Likewise, there is a requirement of merging those smaller pst files into large pst as per the new versions of MS Outlook.
  • Coming with new version the extra time in opening each and every pst will take extra time in opening the single files.

Manual Method how to merge outlook pst files 2010?

There are ways where we can follow in order to achieve our goal. In this post I have provided the tested methods which you can apply and can see the result instantly. Below are provided the steps which you can follow accordingly.

1) Blank PST Creation:

With this step you can create a PST file in the Outlook.

  • Open MS Outlook -> Click on new items -> More Items -> Outlook data file
  • Now choose the location for the new blank PST and provided the new name for the file.
  • Hit on OK button.

Merging process of all pst file into new blank PST:

  • Now click on File->open-> Import options in MS Outlook.
  • A import-export dialog box will appear and from there choose the option import from another file.
  • Select Next button to reach next step.
  • A wizard Import a file will appear in which you need to select Outlook data file(.pst) option.
  • On the same page click on NEXT.
  • Furthermore, look for the browse tab and provide the location.
  • Click on Do not import duplicates box.
  • Now click and check the Include the subfolders and Import Items into the same folder.
  • Now select the finish button.

These above steps will help you to import a single PST file to a folder. You have to repeat the steps in order to completely import other PST files. Once you imported the files in a single manner. Then you can completely import the data into a single resultant PST file.

How to merge outlook pst files 2010 into single Outlook file

Though the above solution or method provided is quite simple and easy to maintain. But it require a persistent effort to perform each and single import of a PST file. Consequently, it will give you result but patiently you need to wait. You might face some errors which will pop up as you click on the wrong check boxes. Again, you need to start the process fundamentally.

Professional solution to handle Outlook 2016 PST merge files:

Combination of simpler, effortless, uncomplicated method is the best way to reach out to the best software. Therefore, the tool which comprises of all these qualities are Merge PST software by Aryson’s.

  • With this tool you can easily and efficiently merge the smaller PST files into larger PST file as per new versions of MS Outlook.
  • In addition to, It includes all the tasks, calendars, journals, which are in the PST file.
  • The direct access of the PST file makes it different from other random softwares.
  • Moreover, it supports merge and join of ANSI and Unicode PST files.
  • In particular, the software is fully compatible with all the versions of MS Outlook.
  • Thus, merge Outlook pst file software continue the integrity of original outlook PST files.

With this impressive feature set, the provided tool is best among the rest other PST merger tools. With the above Outlook 2016 2013, PST merge file methods you can easily large out the files.

Final thought:

Hence, both approaches are valid enough. By now you can easily tackle the situation like how to merge outlook pst files 2010 . But I will suggest you go to the reliable plus convenient method which is software PST merger. So you can very well understand what actually the methods do and accordingly handle the situation.

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