How To Import Thunderbird Mail Into Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

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In this article, I am going to share some information related to the Thunderbird along with Outlook also. Later in this blog, I am going to help you how to import Thunderbird mail into outlook 2007. However, continue reading the post for further information.

Our main concern is how we can import Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2007. So before directly diving into the topic. Let’s see what actually is Thunderbird and Outlook.

Thunderbird mail:

Following are the listed points related to the Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Open source
  • Free cross-platform
  • RSS client, email client, news client
  • Developed by Mozilla.
  • Work in every OS
  • Secured
  • Manages multiple email accounts

MS outlook:

Check out what is Microsoft Outlook and its points are as follows.

  • Paid
  • Manges all emails, contacts, workgroups etc.
  • Shows multiple time zones, proxy support
  • Comes in Microsft Suite
  • Popular among users
  • Stores data in PST format
  • Also has OST folder which stores data offline

Synchronization takes place when a connection is established.

Well here was the little information related to the two email clients. Thus, I have shortlisted some of the best and common points which are must need to know.

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How to import Thunderbird mail into outlook 2007 Manually?

As you must know this is a manual technique which I am using here for you all. Check it out as I have explained in the best manner.

Method 1) this manual way contains both sender details along with the data. Using two email clients Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook.

Using Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. Locate the folder and browse for the messages from the folder or entire folder which you want to convert from Thunderbird to the different email client.
  3. Now check the messages which you want to export else select the entire messages folder.
  4. Now save the selected messages by “save as” option.
  5. Selecting the earlier folder to save it as “EML file”->select folder. Now export the message.

Using MS Outlook:

  1. Open MS Outlook 2007.
  2. Go to the menu option and select a ‘new folder’ from the tab appears.
  3. Now you are required to name the folder. Name it accordingly and choose the OK button in order to create the file.
  4. Select the new folder which you recently created. As the name suggests it would be empty.
  5. Select the emails which you exported from Thunderbird.
  6. Now simply import the messages in the middle of the created folder. Drag and drop the messages from Thunderbird and in this way your process is completed.

Method 2) In this method I will show you how you can convert thunderbird mail to outlook which can directly retrieve the information and date of the messages. As it does not allow any other email client for the specific feature to export the data.

  1. Open Thunderbird application.
  2. Select the messages which you need to export to outlook. The selected messages will be exported as per the size of emails as well as the internet connectivity which is followed.
  3. In this step choose the option “forward as attachment”. You will get this option by clicking right click on the selected messages.
  4. A folder will be shown containing all the selected messages along with the attachments.
  5. Now with the email address provided in the Outlook click to the send button.
  6. In the step open the MS Outlook and select the option Send and receive.
  7. Now open the email which you have earlier sent from the Thunderbird application.
  8. After that move the mail to the active windows so that you can see the outlook screen.
  9. Now the emails you can use whenever you need to by simply drag and drop from the active windows to wherever you want.

Note: Check that the auto send/receive option is disabled in the Thunderbird application.

How you can successfully convert thunderbird mail to outlook?

As you can see the above limitations in the image which will occur and with patience and skills. You can remove them and easily convert thunderbird mail to outlook. Check out this amazing alternative which will help you in simply overcoming how to import Thunderbird mail into outlook 2007 and other versions efficiently. I would say if any of the above methods won’t work for you then you should switch for MBOX to PST converter option.

Final thoughts:

One should always work smartly rather spending too much time. In case of the delicate email migrations, a layman can worsen the case. In such a situation look for the converter which will give you the maximum output.

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