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Boot Device Not Found Error is one of the most common issues faced by any Windows user. Once this error shows up, the computer no longer starts. It is caused due to several software and hardware issues.

A lot of issues can happen to a computer like a system breakdown, black or blue screen, system file damage, unbootable OS, etc. These issues usually follow a specific error message.

Learn how to fix 3F0 error by applying the remedial measures discussed.

Boot Device 3F0 Error messages:

The error messages may look something like:How to Fix Boot Device Not Found 3F0 Error?

  1. “Boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard disk.”
  2. “No boot device is available.”
  3. “Boot device not found-hard disk(3f0).”
  4. “No bootable device found insert boot disk and press any key.”

What are the causes of Boot Device 3F0 Error?

The error may occur due to the following reasons:

  1. Broken Hard Disk:
  2. Virus/Malware attack.
  3. Hard Drive having a corrupt partition.
  4. BIOS has an incorrect Boot Sequence.
  5. Hard Disk Connection issues.
  6. Damage Boot/System files.
  7. Boot sector or Master Boot Record(MBR) damage.

How to Fix Boot Device Not Found Error?

For instance, the boot device not found hp error may look like “boot device not found please install an operating system on your hard disk 3f0.”
Now we discuss some solutions which you can apply one by one.

A Hard Reset:

Performing a Hard Reset may re-instate the connection between the hardware and the BIOS.
Follow these easy steps to perform a hard reset:

  1. Switch Off the system.
  2. Separate the system from the switchboard and turn it off.
  3. Detach all the peripheral devices from the system.
  4. Turn off the system to release the charge.
  5. Power on the system.
  6. Now select the Windows OS using arrow keys.

Restore the default BIOS settings:

  1. Turn ON the system and immediately press the F10 key repeatedly to enter the BIOS setup menu.
  2. To reset the default settings of BIOS by press the F9 key.
  3. After it loads, press the F10 key to save and exit from the BIOS.
  4. Select Yes and Click on Enter when Exit Saving Change prompts.
  5. At last restart computer.

What if all these fail to Fix Boot Device 3F0 Error?

It is possible that after applying all the above methods, the problem is severe and can’t solve via the inhouse techniques in that case we go for a Windows Data Recovery Software.

A Data Recovery Software can fix these following issues:

Presence of Bad Sectors in Hard Drive:

Defective sectors of storage may accumulate due to physical damage which creates Bad Sectors.
When they appear, the hard drive stops to respond to the read or write requests.
Data recovery software identifies and fixes the Bad Sector issues.

Damage in MBR :

A master boot record ( MBR) is a type of boot sector on a hard disk drive or another storage device that contains the vital computer code to start the boot process.
When an MBR is affected “fix hard disk not found error 3F0” pops up. Malware attack, disk failure, or an MBR overwrite are some causes of MBR Damage.

Advantages of Using a Data Recovery Software:

Other than fixing the Hard Disk 3F0 Error a Data Recovery Software has other features too including:

  1. Recover and Restore data from a crashed Windows.
  2. NTFS Data Recovery.
  3. Perform Data recovery from devices like SD Card, USB, Physical Drives, CD and other storage media.
  4. It supports recovery of files after accidental formatting.
  5. Simple and Easy to use GUI.
  6. Support for all Windows versions.

Summing Up:

After applying the procedures in this article, Boot Device Not Found Error won’t bother you anymore.
We’ve discussed the possible causes, some built-in solutions, and if nothing works a professional Data Recovery Software. If none of these work check for physical damages in hard drive.

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