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  • Updated on February 4th, 2020

Do you know how to save Yahoo Email to PDF ? Read this article to know the manual method and Convert Yahoo Mail to PDF like a professional.
Email is one of the most prominent means of communication with your audience. Businesses use Emails for all communications be it social, essential documents, legal.
Email allows us to give private, transactional messages and also helps elevate customer retention.
Some times, it may require to convert multiple Yahoo Mail to PDF to back up sensitive information or save Email as PDF for preserving.

Why we need to save Yahoo Mail as pdf?

Saving an email to PDF may be required in several situations like:

  1. Adding a watermark to private documents to avoid copyright infringement of intellectual property.
  2. Protecting sensitive information by applying a password to the pdf.
  3. An Email conversation can be used as evidence in the court of law.So saving it offline is a smarter choice.

These are some of the few reasons to save Yahoo Mail to pdf.

Manually Save Yahoo Email as PDF

  1. Access your Yahoo Mail id and open any mail you wish to save as PDF and Press “More“>>”Print.”save yahoo mail as pdf
  2. On the window that appears, set “Destination” to “Save as PDF” and select the “Save” button.Mail to PDF conversion
  3. Choose the desired location to save and Select the “Save” button.saving destination

These steps save Yahoo Mail as PDF.
Although it’s easy to follow these steps and save a mail, this method is minimal and is tiring to perform when you have to convert multiple Emails to PDF or Convert between any specific period.
To convert multiple Yahoo Mail to PDF we use a professional Yahoo Backup Software.

How to Convert Yahoo Mail to PDF using Yahoo Backup Software.

  1. Download and Launch the Yahoo Backup Software.
  2. Enter the Yahoo Mail id and password and click on LOG IN.save multiple yahoo emails as a pdf
  3. In the Select “Email Format” drop down, select PDF and Click on Next.Yahoo backup software
  4. To save Email as PDF, select the Folders to download in PDF format and provide the date range if necessary.
  5. Select the Naming Convention from- Subject, Date + Subject, From + Subject, AutoIncrement.Convert multiple mails to pdf
  6. Check the “Delete after Download” option, if you wish to delete the Emails after Downloading, leave it unchecked if not.
  7. The Download process begins wait for it to complete.print yahoo email
  8. After the completion Click on the Ok button to finish the process.

Benefits of using a Yahoo Backup Software

Using a Backup Software has various advantages which are quintessential for businesses who use Email for daily personal and professional correspondence.
Some features are:

  1. Save Emails to other formats like PST, MBOX, MSG, HTML, TXT, EML, EMLX and others too.
  2. Conversion of all Email data including the attachments, inbox , tasks, calendars and more.
  3. Application of the date range filter to save Emails from a particular time span.
  4. Migration of Emails to Outlook, IMAP, Gmail, Zimbra, Thunderbird and other popular Email clients.
  5. Fast and Easy Conversion without any data loss during the process.
  6. Support for all major version of Windows and Mac as well.

Summing Up

After reading this article it is clear how to save Yahoo Email as PDF manually and how to convert Multiple Yahoo Mails as PDF using the Yahoo Backup Tool.
You can use the manual method for single Emails only, but in the case of bulk conversion of Emails, it’s advised to use a professional backup tool.
Anyone can use the tool without any prior knowledge due to its GUI.
Now you know how to convert multiple Emails as PDF.

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