How To Convert EML To PST Manually

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  • Updated on January 23rd, 2020

There are several ways to Convert EML to PST manually. You can also automate the process if you are skilled. However, many of us are not.
Windows Live Mail works with EML File format, whereas Outlook uses PST format to save the Email data. Other applications like Apple Mail, Thunderbird also utilize EML format.
There may be several reasons when someone needs to switch from EML to PST most common being:

  1. Need to switch Email clients.
  2. Use more advanced features that Outlook offers.
  3. Corruption issues with EML File.
  4. EML files being prone to viruses and malware.

All of these are some excellent reasons for migration.

Here are some ways to Convert EML to PST Manually

By MS Outlook and Windows Live

Using MS Outlook and Windows live mail, you can transfer EML files to PST format.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail simultaneously.
  2. Now in Windows Live Mail, go-to File >> Export >> Email >> Messages. Click on Microsoft Exchange and select Next.EML to PST converter
  3. An Export tab opens. Choose Microsoft Exchange and click on Next.convert EML to PST
  4. Click on OK at the Export Messages to convert EML to PST manually
  5. Select All folders or Selected folders you want to export.
  6. An Export Complete box appears. Select Finish.
  7. A successful completion message shows at the end.
  8. This process may result in some data loss, for safety take a backup before proceeding.

This method is insecure and omits the attachments.

Converting EML to PST using Drag and Drop

You can try this method if EML files are at a particular location on your PC.

  1. Start MS Outlook.
  2. Find the EML Files.
  3. Select and drop it to Outlook.
  4. Although this method is simple, you can’t convert attachments.

Using the Outlook Import Option

Another manual EML to PST conversion trick is by using the Import feature.
Following are the steps:

  1. Start Outlook and select File >> Open >> Import.
  2. Choose the option “Import from another program or File” and select Next.
  3. Pick comma-separated values and go-to Next.
  4. Search for the imported file and choose any option from these: “Replace duplicate with items imported,” “Allow duplicate to be created,” or “Do not import duplicate items,” and choose Next.
  5. Pick the location to save the files and click on Next. Click Finish to complete the process.
  6. So pretty much you can use Outlook for manual EML to PST Conversion.
  7. Although these methods are not that tricky to use yet, they don’t offer a complete solution and are a little insecure. Plus, they are time-consuming.

To transfer multiple accounts with attachments, use the next method.

Using EML to PST Converter Tool

Here is a capable software to perform a reliable and efficient conversion. You can also use it to convert EML to PDF, MSG, MBOX, MSG formats along with the attachments.
These are the steps:

  1. Start the EML Converter Software and choose the destination folder.
  2. Pick your files you need to convert.
  3. Choose the File Format as PST.
  4. Check the Date Range Filter option to select emails of a particular date range. Check to maintain the folder hierarchy option.Convert EML to PST
  5. Click OK to Exit.Convert EML to PST
  6. Using the converter tool, you can also import data to other EMail clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Zimbra.

Summing Up

EML is a file format that is supported by multiple Email clients. In contrast, PST is more secure but is compatible only with Outlook.
You can use manual methods if you have an abundance of time or a few files.
An EML Converter is a must-have tool for all your conversion needs. It’s easy to use GUI and compatibility with, and all Windows and MAC versions make it a smart investment.

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