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  • Updated on January 27th, 2020

Are you also looking for how to convert DBX to PST ? Outlook Express makes DBX folders to store messages. Despite that, you can’t open a DBX file in the Outlook client.

You have two choices, either import the messages from DBX to PST manually or convert DBX to PST format through a DBX Converter software. In this article, we’ll talk about how to convert DBX to PST manually. Additionally, we’ll figure out how to simply migrate from Outlook Express to Outlook.

In here I have shown the steps of how you can open DBX file in Outlook. But before that I am providing you the basic information related to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Express as well. Thus, before directly jumping over the direct solution related how to convert DBX file into PST format. Let’s look out for the reasons  and check out the procedure with the manual trick.

There are so many reasons why one need to convert the mailbox items from DBX format to PST format. However, if you are a person who is switching from Express to Outlook then you are at the right place to visit. Down here displayed the best approaches which you can follow in order for the conversion. As well as before directly diving in let us check out what actually is Microsoft Outlook Express and DBX format.

Microsoft Outlook Express and DBX format

When talked about Microsoft XP edition the default email client we use is Microsoft Express. Simply the data items like messages, calendars, tasks and address book which comes inside of mailbox data are stored in a file called DBX file. So the mailbox data is stored in DBX format. The express is discontinued since the release of Windows Vista which has a default email client like Windows Mail. So if you need to convert the DBX format to PST check out the tricks which I have displayed below.

Steps required in manual process

  • Export Express emails and download windows live mail.
  • Import emails in windows live mail.
  • Export windows live mail to MS Outlook.

How to convert DBX to PST manually

If you are a person looking for the conversion of DBX format to PST then check out the steps which are provided below.

  1. Search for the folder named as Outlook Express in the Windows XP OS. 
  2. Now copy the express folder from the MS express to the current version which you are using. Convert DBX to PST format
  3. Furthermore, install the windows essential.
  4. Run windows live mail.
  5. Click the File menu.
  6. From the drop-down select import the messages. Convert DBX to PST
  7. Simply select the file format to which you need to import.
  8. Select Microsoft outlook express 6.
  9. Click on the Next button. 
  10. Select browse and provide the copied address from the express of windows XP. Click on the Next button.
  11. Pick the all folders button or selected folder in order to import the files.
  12. Then click on the Next button. 
  13. Go to the File menu. Select the import messages.
  14. Click on e-mail messages from the drop-down menu. 
  15. Now select Microsoft exchange for export format. Click on the Next button. 
  16. Choose the outlook profile either create a new one. This one is my older profile and then select the OK button. 
  17. Select the folder where you need to put your export files from Windows live mail and click on the OK button. Convert DBX to PST  
  18. Configure the exported files and you will be displayed with the pop message saying your message was successfully imported. Now click on the finish button in order to complete the process. how to convert dbx to pst

Now open the outlook and check out the folder where the files are exported. You will find the format is in PST.

As the above process of exporting the DBX file and then importing it is too lengthy and is required a lot of patience. So before directly doing it. Be ready for the consequences as well.

How to Convert DBX to PST Automatically in Outlook :

If you are not satisfied with the above manual techniques. As they are not giving satisfactory results to you. Then you should go for the tool which will easily convert DBX to PST manually. However, if you search this on google then you may get thousands of tools which will be paid in service. Since I’ll be recommending the software which is one of the easy and smart way on how to convert DBX to PST manually.

Final Thought

I would say one should always look for the method which is easy and yet convenient to use. So go for the third party solutions which will help you in every which way.

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