Methods to Transfer Emails To Gmail To Thunderbird

In this modern era, we use different platforms and hosting sites for multiple purposes. Thunderbird is an email client that stores data on desktop and hence it is also called desktop-based email client and Gmail is an email client that stores data on a cloud server and hence it is called cloud-based email application, both stores the data i.e., emails, contacts, calendar etc.

Here we teach you how to transfer our emails from Gmail to Thunderbird.

Reasons Behind Transfer Email from Gmail to Thunderbird

As we know that Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client application and to run that there is no internet connection is required, thus it will become easy for users to manage and access their entire data without network connectivity.

  • Emails or data cannot be spoil due to the hindrance from any external sources.
  • One of the best features is its security. Even if a user log-in with a different IP, then he/she is not able to sign in. Therefore, a user is free from hackers.
  • In case if user needs then the data files can be shared among different users.
  • Thunderbird files can be saved easily on the user machine, thus users allow accessing the data when it is required.

There are multiple methods to transfer emails from Gmail to Thunderbird here we discuss some basics methods

Manual Method to Move Emails from Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Initially, you must have to download and install Mozilla Thunderbird on your desktop.
  • Now, open the Gmail account of a user on a Web browser.
  • To ensure that users’ Gmail accounts must be extracted to another platform. Select Settings >>Settings options.
  • Next, go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under the IMAP section, choose to Enable IMAP >> Save Changes.
  • After this, you have to click Right mouse button on Username in Thunderbird and then, click on the Settings options.
  • A new dialogue box is open click Account Actions at the bottom and chooses the “Add Mail Account“ option.
  • Next, the Mail Account Setup dialogue box pops up. Enter Username, Email address and password in a given field. Click the “Continue” option.
  • Select the IMAP (remote folders) radio button >> Done.
  • Click on Browse option to change the directory. Click “OK” to finish the set-up.
  • Finally, the new email ID starts to appear in the left pane. Double click on it, and choose Read Messages and start to view all emails in Mozilla Thunderbird. Now, one can do
    changes accordingly like writing a new message, changing settings, and setting up advanced features.

Automated Method to Move Emails from Gmail to Thunderbird

Everyone prefers a simple and effortless way to migrate their data. In the previous step i.e. manual method was explained, but because of its limitation, people feel difficult, time-
consuming and typical many users avoid this process. The complete process contains lengthy steps which are time-consuming also. Some of those have technical knowledge of how to
export Gmail to MBOX. Sometimes manual methods fail and data loss occurs which is the worst condition for a user. In this method first, it automatically takes backup of your all data like
emails, contacts, calendar, photos etc To avoid this situation one can proceed with an automated solution such as SysTools Gmail backup tool. By using Gmail to MBOX converter tool a user
can easily get a reliable output without any data loss.

With the help of using Google takeout, we transfer our emails from Gmail to Thunderbird

Google Takeout can be used to move Gmail emails into Thunderbird. This process is separated into three steps so that it is easy to understand. These 3 steps are:

  1. Export Gmail emails
  2. Set up Thunderbird
  3. Import Gmail into Mozilla Thunderbird
  1. Export Gmail emails
    • Open any browser and log in to your Gmail
    • Open Google Takeout in the new tab, you will find download your data
    • Select Data to Include section and select Mails.
    • After that, in the File Type option, you need to select a format in which you want to download the files. Select ZIP or TGZ.
    • Now, in the delivery method option, select Send download via email, add to drive, add to Dropbox, or add to OneDrive.
    • After the desired option selection, click on the Create Archive button.
    • Finally, click on the Download button to download Gmail emails.
    • At the time when you are extracting the zip folder, at the same time, you will find Gmail files saved in MBOX format. Now move all those files into your Thunderbird account.
  2. Set up ThunderbirdIf you already have an account in Thunderbird then you can simply move to the next step. If you find that your account is not configured then configure it. Lastly, import your files to your Thunderbird account.
  3. Import Gmail into Mozilla ThunderbirdTo import Gmail inbox into thunderbird, you have to install ImportExportTools Add-on on your Thunderbird. After you add the add-on, follow the steps below–
    • Go to File.
    • Choose the ImportExportTools add-on option and then Import mailbox option.
    • Select MBOX files to import and upload MBOX files.
    • Click OK.
    • Wait for the process to import MBOX into your Thunderbird account.
Final Words

Individuals at this point must have found out about the means to move your Gmail Emails to Thunderbird. You are likewise now aware of the fact that Thunderbird is the best tool for dealing with all your messages from a single Gmail account as well as from multiple accounts. Additionally is best for us in dealing with our emails and giving us the best facilities. Again referencing any issues identified with the topic could be left underneath.

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