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How To Fix Unrecognized Database Format Error of MDB And ACCDB Manually

Written by Ishita Gusain

In this blog, I am going to share the information related to the MS Access common errors. One of which is described below. Many of you must be thinking about how to fix unrecognized database format then you are at the right place to visit where I am sharing the solution and causes behind such error.

Microsoft Access is likely the easiest and the famous database when comes the desktop applications. In any case, sadly, it regularly needs to handle errors doesn’t don’t go easily. In this, we’re revealing insight into one genuine Access database error – “the unrecognized database format” error – and helping users to comprehend what cause lies behind it and how they can solve it effectively.

MS Access database unrecognized format error
Irrespective of the version of MS Access you’re using, the unrecognized database format error can pop up like a sore thumb anytime. Therefore, having the error message code “3343” related to this specific Access error can emerge inferable from various reasons and can effectively affect the user services. In such situations, resolving it for good by getting to its root becomes critical.

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Reasons why Access database unrecognized format error pops up?

Here are the reasons behind the error. Few of them are discussed below.

There are a couple of dependable procedures which can enable its users to determine awful errors and avoid startling disasters.

How to fix unrecognized database format manually

As you must know that this error is a tough one to crack even by the most experienced users. You may check out the manual method which will help you in order to resolve such error.

Method 1: The auto repair option: In this method, Microsoft has provided the auto repair function which tends to solve the error in no time.

  1. Open and run MS Access application.
  2. Then go to the Database Tools.
  3. Now select the compact and repair as an option.
  4. After which a new window will open. Also, from there select the database file that you need to repair.
  5. Simply click the compact button to start the repair process.

Method 2: Amend the columns with names greater than 32 characters: Another way or method to fix this error is to open the tricky records in Microsoft Access and afterwards alter every one of the columns with names that have more than 32 characters. Thus, once in a while, on the off chance that you use such a large number of characters, Access may neglect to stack the particular files accurately. Obviously, this technique is appropriate for shorter sized files. However, doing these amendments physically on huge records takes a lot of time.

Method 3: convert database files to the acccdb file format:
The third solution comprises changing over your database to the accdb format. In any case, so as to use this method, you are required to use Microsoft Access 2010. However, just open the database files you need to repair and MS Access 2010 will naturally change over the separate files to the .accdb format files.

Method 4: Must uninstall the latest updates:
If this problem occurs after you had updated the Windows 10 versions then you must need to uninstall the previous patches and updates.
Moreover, if you have other techniques or ways which can fix the error then you can comment on the section below.

Method 5: How to fix unrecognized database format error directly:
If you haven’t satisfied with the above methods then you may check out this method. It will help you in solving the unrecognized database format error. With the help of MS Access database recovery tool, you can easily resolve the question saying “fix unrecognized database format” in the most appropriate manner without any difficulties. Check out this video in order to repair MDB and ACCDB files.

Final thought:

If you are looking for the repair then the above options are fit for which will give you the required answers. However, if you are looking for the maximum possible solution then you should check out the professional direct solution which will give the maximum output.

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