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Sometimes, Outlook gets stuck and sends the error “Outlook stuck on loading profile.” The screen gets frozen like that for hours. This situation can make anyone worried, blocking the notification and messages. Have you ever been in a position where you didn’t understand why this error occurred? How do I fix Outlook profile won’t load? What were the reasons? If not and want to know. This post will mainly focus on the causes and techniques of Outlook errors. So let’s begin the article with the reasons Outlook hangs at loading profile.

Why Does “Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile Windows 10”

Some factors result in an “Outlook not loading profile Windows 10” Error.

  • If any program hinders Outlook. It can be due to VPN software, add-ins, Lync or Skype, etc.
  • If the Outlook data or file gets corrupt.
  • Due to Processes {Outlook.exe and other} running in the background.
  • During installing the Office 2013 update version on Windows 7, there was an issue with the desktop themes.

Since we have already gained knowledge about the reasons for Outlook stuck at loading profile. Now, we will learn the manual methods one by one.

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How do I fix Outlook stuck on loading profile Via Manual Tricks?

1. Try to fix the Corrupt PST Files

If the user’s Outlook is stuck on loading profile even in safe mode, it indicates corrupt files. Users can use the Outlook utility to fix this issue Outlook not loading profile, and this utility will quickly fix these issues and help the user open Outlook.

  1. Visit the Outlook shortcut and right-tap on it then select Properties.
  2. Now, tap on the Shortcut tab located at the top.
  3. Tap on the option Open File Location and open the folder where the original Outlook app is located.
  4. In this, the user will see the multiple files in the folder. Now, search the file name as SCANPST.exe and double-tap on it to open.
  5. Here, the application will ask the user to add the files (containing the issue) for scanning purposes. Now, for adding the file tap on the Browse button.
  6. Then, move in any one of the following locations and search the .pst extension file. Then, choose it to be added to the utility.
    Path 1 – C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
    Path 2 – C:\Users\<username>\Roaming\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
  7. In the utility, tap on Start.
  8. Now, tick the option Make a backup of scanned file before repairing and tap Repair.
  9. Finally, once the file gets repaired start Outlook.

Follow the steps given above to fix Outlook stuck on loading profile using the first method. If you are looking for another way, check the other method below.

2. Use Task Manager for turning off the Outlook Presence Feature

Microsoft advised its users to end the process running in the background. Users can perform this through the Task Manager and turn off the Outlook Presence Feature.

These are the steps that one can perform to use Task Manager in ending the Processes:

Points to remember: users have to end some processes such as Wincap, Copernic, SearchProtocol/Host.exe, Skype for Business, Lync, etc., in the Task Manager. Follow the below steps for  Outlook repairing main profile.

  1. First, open the Task Manager.
  2. Under the Processes tab, discover all the Office processes.
  3. Select an Office process and choose the End Task. Now, users can use this procedure for every Office process listed.

After that, the user can inspect if they can access Outlook. If yes, then the user can use these instructions to turn off the Outlook presence feature:

  1. First, open Outlook, visit the File>>Options>>People.
  2. Unmark the checkboxes in the Outlook Options wizard in case they are enabled. Users can Unmark the following:
  • Show the online status which is located next to the name.
  • Display the photographs of users whenever it is available.

3. Finally, tap on OK and reboot Outlook.

You can follow the above steps as mentioned to get better results. If you find the above method lengthy, then try our next manual method. 

3. Try the option Administrator Mode

Outlook offers the option of Administrator mode to help its users repair issues. This option assists Outlook in running many admin-level tasks in which users can easily repair the Outlook hangs at loading profile issue.

  1. First, search the Outlook shortcut on the user’s PC.
  2. After that, right-tap on the Outlook shortcut and choose Run as administrator.
  3. Now, the prompt will display on the user’s screen here, tap on Yes.

You can follow the above procedure to fix the Outlook profile won’t load. To get the best results, you can use any above approaches. If you are not satisfied with the above manual techniques, you can use the following alternative below.

4. Access the Outlook in Safe Mode and through Disable Add-ins

If the user faces an Outlook freeze or gets hung while loading the screen, it can be due to faulty add-ins. Users can start Outlook in safe mode and can turn off add-ins. These steps are given below:

  • First, press the “Windows+R” keys together.
  • Enter “Outlook/safe” in the Run Wizard and select OK.
Outlook stuck on loading profile
  • Now, the ‘select Profile’ dialog box will be displayed on the screen. Here, the user has to accept all the default Outlook settings. And tap on OK.
Outlook stuck on loading profile
  •  Now, enter the password and tap the OK button.

If the user can access Outlook in safe mode. Then, disable the add-ins one after the other and reinspect if the issue gets solved or not. To disable follow the steps:

  1. First, open Outlook and select File.
  2. Now, press Options and after that click on Add-ins.
  3. Now, select COM Add-ins under the Manage.
  4. Then, press GO.
  5. Choose the add-ins to disable and press OK.
  6. Finally, Exit Outlook and reopen it.

The user needs to disable add-ins to fix the issue outlook stuck on loading profile. Follow the above actions to disable add-ins in Outlook. You can also try the next manual approach for solving the issue using the next method. 

5. Disable the Outlook Compatibility Preferences

In this method, users need to disable Outlook compatibility preferences. Follow the following steps to fix the Outlook profile won’t load.

  1. Start the process by clicking right in the Outlook shortcut.
  2. After that, select Properties to proceed further.
  3. Now on the Properties page, click the Compatibility tab.
  4. Beneath the Compatibility mode Option, unmark the alternative run this program in compatibility mode.
  5. Then tap on  Apply and hit Ok.

These were manual approaches to fix Outlook stuck on loading profile Windows 10. Users can opt for any of the following approaches to proceed but may encounter some corruption in PST files. For such issues, They can use the PST Repair tool to recover the Data or Emails from the corrupt PST Files. This software is highly compatible with PST files of MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 & other previous versions.


Users who are facing the error “Outlook stuck on loading profile” can use the above-explained methods to fix their issue. But while performing these manual methods, one must have technical knowledge. If the user doesn’t have it, they can prefer an alternative tool. The PST Repair tool is the best option for an alternative tool.

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