Fix For Not A Valid Win32 Application Error

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Not a valid Win32 application error occurs every once in a while, when we run a file having a .exe file extension.Win32 application error occurs in all Windows versions, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

This message may seem puzzling, but it merely implies that your Windows version isn’t able to process the application since it can’t understand what’s in the file.

There are a plethora of issues that may result in the error, which includes corrupt file, incompatible Windows version, virus infection, hardware related issues, and corrupt file system.

This article discusses everything in-depth about how to fix not a valid Win32 application error all the possible issues, the manual solutions, and a bonus, an automatic solution for this inconvenience.

What is a Win32 application?

Win32 apps also referred to as Windows API and WIN32 is the main set of MS Windows APIs to develop 32-bit applications.

Causes of Not a Valid Win32 Application Error in Windows 7

Invalid File Extention:

Each file Extention(.txt, .exe, .jpeg , .png) is associated with a specific program that runs that file.
To fix this, make sure the file has an appropriate extension. If not, rename the executable file with the .exe extension.

Download issues:

There is a possibility that the file(is an incomplete download or) got corrupt during the download.
In that case, redownloading the file solves the error.
If that doesn’t work, inform the website owner about the faulty file.

32-bit and 64-bit version:

Windows comes in 2 versions, the 32-bit, and the 64-bit. The applications made for 32-bit only work with the 32-bit version and vice versa.

Check if you have the correct executable version as your Windows.

Goto Start->This PC(or My Computer)->Right click and select Properties. Check under the System, System Type.

Uninstalled software causing Win32 error:

You may be trying to run an application which is no longer exists on your computer.

To verify, open control panel->Programs and features-> Add or Remove program. Search for the software you are trying to run on the list.

Windows can’t run programs made for other operating systems:

You receive a “not a valid Win32 Application error” if the program you’re trying to run is for other operating systems like Linux or Mac OS.
To solve this, download the software for Windows OS.

IDE Badly Configured causing not a valid Win 32 app error:

  1. At first, right-click on the “My Computer“->”properties” option.
  2. Now choose the “Device Manager” option from the left panel.How to fix not a valid Win32 application error
  3. After that, choose the option of “IDA ATA/ATAPI controllers.”What is win 32 Error
  4. Then, in the sub-option, double click to proceed.
  5. At last, under the “Advanced Settings” button, change the present exchange mode to DMA for the two devices and not just do i fix not a valid win 32 app error?

CMD is certainly Not a Valid Win32 Application Error:

  1. Before installing the software, make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements, and the disk is clean.
  2. Now press  “Windows” key >> Control Panel >> Programs and Features.
  3. Now look for the program that is showing the Win32 application error.
  4. After this, click on “Repair.” Adhere to the provided directions to finish the reinstallation of the application.
  5. Reboot the system to complete the steps.
  6. Click on the “Windows” >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt.
  7. Choose “Run as Administrator” and enter “defrag – c” at prompt. Hit the Enter key.
  8. Close the Command Prompt when the process completes.
  9. At last, click on the “start” button >> “All Programs” >> “Windows Defender” >> “scan“. Select “full scan” to scan the hard drive. Enable the “defender” to identify and fix any system issues and viruses.

Infected File or Viruses:

The executable may have a virus in itself. The antivirus prevents it from installing on your computer.
To fix this, scan the file to verify if it has a virus or reboot the computer in safe mode.

Hardware incompatibility:

Before installing the software, check for its minimum requirements with your system.

If all of the above methods don’t work, then you can use a Windows data recovery software.

Summing Up not a valid Win32 application error:

In this article, we’ve discussed What is a Win32 application the causes and how to fix not a valid Win32 application error in windows 7. If none of the abovementioned techniques works, going for a professional Windows data recovery is better. A user can perform the fixing procedure utilizing this recovery software. This tool delivers an easy to use interface. Anyone can perform the recovering procedure without taking any help from experts.

It also offers rapid recovery information from IDE, EIDE, and SATA devices. Additionally, you can use this product on any version of Windows OS.

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