How to fix Microsoft SQL server error 18456 ?

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  • Updated on January 23rd, 2020

Are you also getting this error while seeking to connect with the SQL Server, “linked server login failed error 18456”?

In this article, I will explain to you about how to fix Microsoft SQL server error 18456 which is very uncommon when talked about SQL errors. Furthermore, I will also illustrate the reasons for the occurrence of error and describe you the different ways how to solve the error.

SQL database is a famous and popular amongst the most prominent and looked server which many of us search for. Hence the error which pops up may affect many of us.

This error code basically implies a login failure, particularly in case you’re attempting to connect through SQL Server Authentication.

What is Microsoft SQL server error 18456 linked server?

Getting error messages is one of the major SQL Server issues. Normally, an error message thinks of a description that gives you an indication about what has turned out wrong. Unfortunately, you get no insight on the screen during “connection failed SQL server error 18456”. To the extent I’m concerned, the SQL server error “SQL login failed for user” implies that you’ve entered the invalid login credentials when signing into SQL Server.

This could be the pop up when coming across with the “SQL login failed for user” error.

TITLE: Connect to Server

Can’t connect with SERVERNAME


Login failed for client “username.” (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456)

What is the cause of connection failed SQL server error 18456

The error 18456, is a predictable login error. There are different reasons you may see this error message. Here, you have some potential reasons to get such error:

How to fix Microsoft SQL server error 18456- Manual methods

In here I have shown different techniques to resolve this SQL server error 18456. Using SQL server commands, backups and third-party software might help to solve such problem. Some of the manual methods I have described below.

Reset SQL password:

Since “linked server login failed error 18456” is basically connected with the login failure error, this implies perhaps you’re entering the wrong password. So if in case that you’ve forgotten the login credentials you ought to ask the database administrator (DBA) to reset SQL server password. One of the very popular demanding approaches to reset SQL password is by utilizing SQL Server Management Studio. Do follow the steps provided below.

  1. First, begin SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Now open the Object Explorer
  3. Down there click on Security
  4. Then look for Logins.
  5. Now right click on the users and simply click on the properties in the options provided.
  6. SQL Server Management Option
  7. Now a login properties wizard will open.
  8. SQL Server Management Option
  9. From there click on the login and reset the password.

If in case you fail to recover the SQL password then you may check out the SQL password recovery tool which will help you in recovering your password in a fast manner.

2) Checking of SQL Server Authentication:

If in case resetting of the password doesn’t resolve this SQL server error, then you should check the SQL server authentication. Possibly the SQL login authentication is disabled for some reason. For the most part, there are two kinds of authentication in SQL Server:

  • Windows Authentication mode
  • SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

In case you’re attempting to sign in with the SQL login and the confirmation is set to Windows, you’re probably going to get Microsoft SQL Server error 18456. So as to determine this issue, you should change the authentication mode by utilizing SQL Server Management Studio. Check out the possible steps which are given below:

  1. First, begin SQL Server Management Studio. Now connect with the SQL Server and open the server properties windows.
  2. On the properties, the box opens the securities option and now set the cursor on SQL server and Windows authentication mode.

Now you are required to restart the SQL server studio to check out whether the database is working or not. For this, you will easily solve out how to fix Microsoft SQL server error 18456.

If in case the above methods are not working out to support you, possibly the database is corrupted. In that case, you need to check out the alternative which is SQL database recovery tool which will help you in recovering your SQL database.

Final thought:

If you have any suggestion or questions regarding Microsoft SQL server error 18456, please feel free to comment on the section down below.

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