Fixed Error Code 0x8007005 Windows Update Error

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  • Updated on October 22nd, 2021

Error Code 0x8007005 often occurs while installing new Windows Updates, updating the Windows App Store, or while activating MS Office. This error generally occurs while updating and is caused due to denial to edit DLL file permissions.Error 0x80070005

In this article, we’ll discuss Error Code 0x8007005 and several ways to fix this update error.

What Is Error Code 0x8007005, and Why It Occurs?

As briefly discussed in the introduction, this error means an application tried to access a registry without having permissions.

It generally occurs when the user or the system lacks the necessary permissions to change settings during the Update.

The Error results in abrupt stopping of update install and the user experiences issues like slow system, crash, restart, and the blue screen of death(BSOD).

Other reasons which result in error code:0x8007005 are

  1. Firewall Conflict.
  2. Incomplete Admin Rights.
  3. Malware or Virus Infection.
  4. Improperly configured Windows update settings.

There are some common causes and their easy fixes.

How to Fix Error Code 0x8007005?

These are the top available methods which might fix Error:0x8007005

Before you begin working to resolve this error, it’s essential you backup your critical files.If you’re missing some files, follow the next solution.

Recover data lost due to error:0x8007005

If there is any data loss during this process, then you can install and use this Windows Data Recovery Software. Check out this video for the detailed process or follow these steps.

After you’ve recovered the lost data, you can repair them if they’ve gone corrupt using the same software.

Run Virus/Malware Scan

Viruses are known to alter the registry files, and it’s permissions, which are essential for the Update.

Scan your system for viruses and uninstall/delete any recently installed app/data that seems sketchy. Check your installed programs if you have any unrecognized application installed.
Uninstall it immediately, reset, and rescan the system.

Switching user account to Administrator account

If the error pops-up during the Windows update, you can try manually installing the new updates.

You can try switching the user account to an administrative account to fix the error.To do so, Restart the PC and log in with the Admin account.

  1. Alternatively, click on Start >> Control Panel >> User Account.
  2. Select your account and click on “Change Account Type” and enter the password if prompted.
  3. After that, log out of the Windows and log-in once again. Try installing the updates now.

Office Activation Error Code: 0x8007005

Other than Windows activation, this error may occur when you attempt to update the Office.It can be any version office 365 or earlier.

To run Office as an Administrator by following these steps.

  • Search for any Office application and right-click on it.
  • Choose Run as Administrator and activate the Office as usual.
  • If you still get the error, try the next step.


System File Checker is an inbuilt utility that lets us scan and repair damaged and corrupt files, which may be hindering the update process.Error 0x80070005
To run SFC, open the command prompt and type sfc/scannow and press Enter.Wait for the scanning process to complete.


This article discusses the error code 0x8007005, which may occur while updating Windows or it’s software. We discussed various causes as well as fixes for this error.

Other than that, error 0x8007005 may also cause data loss or corruption. To recover the altered data, use the Windows Data Recovery Software.

Apart from Data Recovery, you can also utilize this software to restore data from any storage media like the SD Card, USB, DVD, and more. It has easy to use interface and works with every version of Windows OS.

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