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  • Updated on August 17th, 2023

Summary: Are you a Mac user and want to export OLM files to PDF? If you are searching for the right way to save OLM files as PDFs with attachments, you have found the right article. In this blog, you will learn “How to Export OLM to PDF with Attachments” using the best approaches. After reading this blog, you’ll know how to convert OLM to PDF with attachments. So, read this blog until the end. Now, let’s start.

Top 02 Methods to Convert OLM to PDF With Attachments

Several methods exist to convert OLM to PST files with attachments, but only a few are correct and work. This blog will explain two valuable ways that will help you export OLM emails to PDF with attachments. 

Method 1: Export OLM to PDF With Attachments Manually

  1. First, open Outlook for Mac.
  2. Then, go to File and choose Import.
  3. In the Import dialog box, select Import from another program or file option, and then click Next.
  4. Select Outlook for Mac OLM File from the File Type list, then Next.
  5. After that, Browse to the location of the OLM file you want to import and Click Open.
  6. Choose the Save attachments with messages checkbox from the Import option dialog box.
  7. Finally, click on the Import.

Note: Your OLM file will be imported, and the emails will be saved as PDF files in the exact location of the OLM file. You can export individual emails as PDF files by right-clicking on the email or selecting Save as PDF. If you want to embed the attachments in the PDF files, you can select the Embed attachments in the PDF checkbox in the Import Options dialog box. 

But remember, It has limitations, and you can’t export multiple emails using the above method. Moreover, there are no free methods to export various emails simultaneously. If you want to export multiple emails to PDF with attachments, you can use OLM Converter Software. Now let’s learn how it works.

Method 2: Automated Method to Export OLM to PDF With Attachments

The OLM Converter is trustable and risk-free software to Save OLM files as PDFs with attachments. It has a user-friendly interface; therefore, non-technical users can use it easily. Moreover, It offers several features to help you quickly complete your task. So, let’s start to explore the steps of the OLM Converter.

Here are step-by-step instructions to Convert OLM files to PDFs with attachments:

  1. First, Download & Install the OLM Converter on your system, then run it.
  2. Now, Choose the Files option and Browse the Files/Folder.
  3. Then, Preview the selected folders, select the ones you want to export from the tree structure list, and click Next.
  4. Choose PDF file format from the drop-down list.
  5. Select the Save PDF attachment separately option and choose other desired features.
  6. After selection, click the Path to Save button to select the location.
  7. Finally, click on the Convert button. 

Note: You can download the free trial version of OLM Converter and check it before conversion; it can convert 50 items per folder.


I hope you found the right solution to export OLM to PDF with attachments. Now, you can convert OLM files to PDF with attachments using the above two methods. Both methods are capable, but the manual processes have limitations and are technical, so novice users can’t use this approach quickly. On the other hand, OLM Converter is reliable and efficient, and it’s a short and effortless process. Now, you can choose any method to finish your target as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I extract an OLM File?

Ans – Extract an OLM File Manually
1. Open Outlook on Mac.
2. Click Tools>Export.
3. Select the items in the Export to Archive file (.olm).
4. Click Continue to save the OLM file, then hit Save.

Q. How do I convert Outlook emails to PDF in bulk?

Ans – You can convert Outlook emails to PDF in bulk using the Print option.
1. Choose the emails and go to File>Print.
2. Choose the Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down list.
3. Hit Print>Save as PDF and Add a name for the PDF file, then select a location to save it.
4. At last, click on the Save Button.

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