Easiest Solution to Export MBOX to PDF With Attachments

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Summary: Are you tired of searching for methods to export MBOX to PDF? If yes, here is the solution to your problem, starting with Why and going to How. This technical article will explain how easily you can export the MBOX files to PDF. We will also discuss here the Aryson MBOX Migrator Tool, which many tech experts suggest. So, let’s move on to further steps.


MBOX and PDF are both portable and secure file formats, but they have some differences. Following are the differences between MBOX and PDF file formats

PurposeMBOX stores email messages and attachments as well.PDF (Portable Document Format) only keeps electronic documents.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with email clients to support MBOX formats, like Thunderbird and Eudora.The PDF file format is also compatible with most computer systems and software applications.
SecurityIt is not as secure as PDF, as it can be easily opened and edited.It is more secure than MBOX, as it is difficult to edit or modify.
FormattingMBOX files retain the original formatting of email messages, including fonts, colours, and images.PDF files are fixed layout documents, so the paper’s formatting will not change when viewed on different devices.
SizeMBOX files can be significant, as they contain all the data for each email message.PDF files are typically smaller than MBOX files, as they do not contain the original formatting of the email messages.

Now that we know about the top techniques for MBOX to PDF conversion with attachments,

Convert MBOX to PDF by Using Best Methods

The top techniques for converting MBOX to PDF are manual and professional approaches. The following section explains the accessible and best solutions to transform your 100% MBOX data into a PDF file.

Method 01: Export MBOX to PDF Manually

This method is performed by using Mozilla Thunderbird. But it is necessary to have Thunderbird installed on your system. Apart from this, we will add an extension in the Thunderbird email client that helps to execute the MBOX to PDF conversion process hassle-free.

  1. Download the Thunderbird Application on your system.
  2. Click the Thunderbird icon menu and then select Add-ons and Themes.
  3. Now, search for ImportExport Tools and add the ImportExport add-on to Thunderbird.
  4. Then, restart the Thunderbird program and right-click the folder.
  5. Select ImportExport and then choose PDF format to save the Thunderbird emails.
  6. A warning pop-up will come on the screen; click OK.
  7. After that, set the path and name of the resultant file, and click the Save button.

This manual method is required, but many users reported several issues export MBOX to PDF. Hence, we have now discussed the automated solution.

Method 02: Convert MBOX to PDF Professionally

Aryson MBOX Migrator software is the most reliable and trusted way to migrate MBOX files to PDF. It is an incredible and risk-free software that allows users to convert MBOX files to various File formats like PST, MSG, HTML, EML, EMLX, DOC, DOCM, etc. Let’s see the steps to convert MBOX file to PST:

  1. Download, Install, and Run the Aryson MBOX Migrator tool.
  2. You can Select Files or Select Folder to browse the MBOX files.
  3. Browse the MBOX file on your system, and then hit Next.
  4. Select the folders you want to export from MBOX to PDF from the tree structure.
  5. Choose PST as a saving option from Saves/Backup/Migrate As.
  6. Afterward, you can select any feature, such as the Remove Duplicate Option, Mail Filters, etc.
  7. Then, choose the Path to Save option to save the resultant file to the desired location.
  8. Finally, click the Convert button to convert the MBOX file to PST.

Advantages of Using a Professional Approach

The Aryson MBOX Migrator tool provides various features for users to convert files efficiently. This software also has a Demo version available, but users can only convert 50 files from MBOX to PST by using the Demo version. Let’s see some advantages of using this tool:

  • Users can easily convert any size MBOX file by using this software.
  • This tool allows users to convert MBOX to PST, EML, EMLX, TXT, MSG, PDF, etc.
  • Users can also export all emails and attachments in MBOX files to other email clients.
  • It is easy to use and has a simple GUI, which makes this tool easy for non-technical users.
  • This tool is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system.

Sum Up

In this technical blog, we discussed the best solutions to export MBOX to PDF; you can choose any. But always test the conversion process before using it for important files. Moreover, this will help you ensure that the conversion is successful and that the resulting PDF files are accurate and readable. This blog lets you find the easiest way to migrate MBOX files to PDF with attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the best converter tool to convert MBOX to PDF for free?

Ans – The Aryson MBOX Migrator software is a reliable and trusted tool to convert MBOX to PDF. Many tech experts also suggest this tool is risk-free software that permits users to export MBOX to PDF files.

Q.  Is it possible to convert multiple MBOX files to PDF?

Ans – Yes, you can easily convert multiple files to PDF using the Aryson MBOX Migrator tool. This tool provides the feature to select single and multiple files/folders simultaneously.

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