How to Export Lotus Notes to PDF With Attachments – Let’s Learn

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Summary: Nowadays, users prefer to have a backup of their Lotus Notes data either by importing the data into another application or to prevent data loss in the future. When it comes to exporting, users generally prefer to export Lotus Notes to PDF format but typically lack the process of implementation they require. Are you among those who want to transform Lotus Notes to PDF but are unaware of the steps? In that case, this blog is the savior. We provide multiple manual and expert solutions for converting NSF to PDF such as the NSF to PST Converter Tool, covering each method’s stepwise process in detail.Download Now Purchase Now

Let’s proceed further and start the blog. Let’s begin with the advantages of saving Lotus Notes in Portable Document Format (PDF) in detail.

Benefits of Convert Lotus Notes NSF to PDF File Format

Some of the reasons users have a strong urge to transform NSF files to PDF are as follows:

  • PDF Compatibility: It’s an independent file format. It opens on any operating system, doesn’t matter if it’s Windows, Linux, or Mac. Apart from these operating systems, it also operates on Mobile phones and several other devices.
  • Advanced-Data Security Options: PDF provides the top data security option as it not only allows password protection of the PDF document but also provides the application of various operations such as printing, copying, reading, etc.
  • The storage capacity of Lotus Notes is low: Database size of Lotus Notes is limited to store the files. However, data becomes inaccessible when its size goes beyond the limits. Hence, there is a need to export Lotus Notes to PDF format.
  • PDF is safely accessible from Anywhere: PDF files can be easily saved on any web browser without technical challenges. Furthermore, regardless of the web browser, PDFs can be quickly retrieved.
  • Best Backup Option: While Migrating, data loss is possible when exporting data from IBM Notes. Therefore, converting Lotus Notes NSF to PDF is the best backup choice to avoid such losses.

Well, after being aware of the benefits. Let’s proceed further and look in detail at the manual methods and their proper step-by-step instructions.

Multiple Manual Approaches to Convert NSF to PDF Format

There are multiple manual approaches available that provide a free solution without spending any money. Further, we have discussed three manual methods below. Let’s examine each of them one by one.

Method 1: Convert Lotus Notes Email to PDF by Using MS Outlook

Step by step process is as follows:

  1. To begin, Open the Lotus Notes application on your System.
  2. Select the email you want to export as PDF and drag the particular email to the desktop.
  3. This drag-and-drop email will be saved in EML format.
  4. Now you can use MS Outlook to choose the option and click the Save As option to open and read your saved emails.
  5. After choosing HTML as your export format, you can immediately launch Microsoft Word.
  6. Further, Choose Save As in the File menu option.
  7. Select the PDF option from the Save As menu and navigate to where you need to save your emails.

Method 2: Transform NSF files to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

  1. Launch Lotus Notes on your system and navigate to the File menu item.
  2. After this, opt for the Toolbars tab from the menu by clicking on the Preferences option.
  3. At last, Choose the Visible tab of Adobe PDF Maker.

Method 3: Convert Lotus Notes NSF to PDF via Print Option

  1. Run the Lotus Notes email client on your computer. After this, open the email, which you must convert to PDF File Format.
  2. Then, click on the print icon, which is visible in the upper right corner.
  3. Now, move to the destination, click Save as PDF, and finally, hit the Save button.

That’s it, then. That is all you have to do to convert Lotus Notes to a PDF file. But you should be aware of some limitations to this strategy. Let’s discuss some of the Drawbacks in more detail.

Some of the Pitfalls of the Manual Approach

Some of the significant drawbacks of the Manual Approach are as follows:

  1. The manual approach is a time-consuming process that demands effort and energy from the user.
  2. This process does not convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST files instantly. Which further increases the chances of Losing data.
  3. This method is tricky for novice users as it requires basic technical knowledge.
  4. There is the possibility of Human error.
  5. Users can only convert one single email to PDF at a time.

Overall, these are significant disadvantages of the manual methods. Due to these drawbacks, users search for alternative approaches that provide a more reliable and secure solution. We suggest going with third-party NSF to PST Converter software. Let us further discuss this tool in more detail.

Export Lotus Notes Emails to PDF- Experts Solution

NSF to PST Converter Software is the most efficient and reliable solution to export Lotus Notes to PDF format. It exports NSF Files to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP, AOL, MBOX, PDF, Outlook PST, and more formats. It allows single and multiple NSF Files to be converted along with an attachment. Let’s move further and discuss stepwise instructions on how to operate this software. Stepwise Procedure to Run NSF to PST Converter Software

  1. Download, Install, and Run NSF to PST Converter Software.
  2. Select the files/folders option for opening NSF files. Choose the NSF files from the System.
  3. A Tree-like structure of NSF data will appear. You can also preview them on the right panel.
  4. Choose the PDF file format from the left panel in the following wizard.
  5. On the Right Panel, Choose the additional feature available per your requirements.
  6. Further, provide a path to save the converted file. And hit the Convert button.
  7. Your converted PDF data files are held at the given location.


In this write-up, we have explained the manual and Expert solutions to export Lotus Notes to PDF. However, the manual approach is lengthy and time-consuming, and there are many other drawbacks. So the wise choice will be to go for Third Party NSF to PST Converter software. The free demo version is available online to check the tool’s functionality. In the end, the choice is yours. You can choose any of the approaches per your requirements and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do I save a Lotus Notes document as a PDF?

Ans –  Follow these instructions to save Lotus Notes as a PDF, such as:
1. Load the Lotus Notes EML File into Outlook.
2. Export the EML Files to HTML through Outlook.
3. Save the HTML File as a PDF via MS Word.

Q2. Does this tool support Windows 11?

Ans – Yes, NSF to PST Converter Software supports the Windows 11 operating system. It converts NSF files and is compatible with all Windows OS versions.

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