Ways to Export Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, Mailbox to PST

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  • Updated on December 26th, 2019

Learn to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST in this guide.Email is the go-to when it comes to any form of communication in an organization. Out of all the available mail exchange servers available today, Microsoft Exchange is the popular choice used by businesses around the globe.

Backing up the mailbox becomes one of the top priorities. Unfortunately, Microsoft Exchange version offers only brick-level limited backup features using the Outlook(Export to PST file) and Powershell in some cases.

In this article we discuss How to Export Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Mailbox to PST using Exchange Admin center, Powershell commands and, at last, the most efficient using a third party application in this article.

The methods available for Exporting Exchange Mailbox to PST:

  1. Using the Exchange admin center.
  2. By Powershell commands.
  3. The third-party software.

Export Exchange Mailbox to PST using Exchange Admin Center(EAC):

  1. Inside the Export Exchange Center, go to “Recipients“->”Mailboxes” > select “More options ..“, and then select Export to a “PST file.”
  2. After that the “Export to a .pst file” wizard opens. Firstly, select the source mailbox and then select one of the following options:
    Export only the contents of this mailbox” or “Export only the contents of this mailbox’s archive.”
    Click on Next.
  3. In step 3, Provide the UNC path and filename of the target pst file.
    Press Next.
  4. Select one of the following options accordingly:Either “Send email to the mailbox bow when the pst file has been exported” checkbox, or “Send email to the mailbox bow when the pst file has been exported” checkbox selected.                                                                                                        Now press “Browse” to add or remove notification recipients.
    At the end Press on “Finish.”

Exchange Mailbox Export to PST using Powershell Commands.

This method utilizes Powershell commands and is a little tricky to manoeuvre as any minor change in command may result in it not working as desired.

  1. Enter the following command to export your standard mailbox’s data.”New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox Rob -FilePath\\SERVER22\MyNetworkPST\Rob_Recovered.pst
    Here Rob is the primary mailbox user. The Network shared folder is MyNetworkPST and Server 22.
  2. This export User Rob’s Archive to PST.
    “New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox Rob -FilePath \\SERVER22\MyNetworkPST\Rob_Archive.pstIsArchive”
  3. Apply Content Filtering or Word matches; enter this command:
    New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox Rob -ContentFilter {(body -like “*sales*”) -and (body -like “*target*”) -and (Received -lt “08/02/2018”)} -FilePath \\SERVER22\MyNetworkPST\Rob_CompanyReport.pst
  4. In the command, we are converting the Emails having Sales and Target report on the 8th of Feb 2018.
  5. Export all Exchange Mailbox items to PST enter the command:
    New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox Rob -IncludeFolders “#Inbox#” -FilePath \\SERVER22\MyNetworkPST\Rob\RobData.pst

Finally, after using these commands, you can Export Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Mailbox to PST.

Automated Method to Convert Exchange Server Mailbox to PST

Using these commands may prove to be a nightmare if you have limited time or aren’t technically sound. In some cases, there may also be data loss, which can be fatal for your business. Which  may also be time-consuming and are not at all friendly for beginners.

The good news is there is an automatic hassle-free way to Export Exchange Mailbox to PST, which is using an EDB to PST Converter.

Easy Steps to Export Mailbox from Exchange to PST:

  1. Launch the Aryson EDB to PST converter.EBD to PST converter
  2. After that browse to add EDB and STM file.migrate export Exchange to pst
  3. Now select the Exchange Server version of EDB file and recovery mode.export exchange mailbox in outlook 2019 to pst
  4. Click on the Next button.
  5. Accordingly take a preview of the database and select folders to import.EDB to PST conversion software
  6. Now, click on the Save button.
  7. Select ‘Remove Duplicacy‘ and ‘Date range‘ if needed.save Outlook 2016 as PST
  8. Choose PST as saving format.EDB to PST converter tool
  9. Click on the Next button.
  10. Select ‘Save in PST‘ or ‘Save in Existing PST‘ and click on the Next button.Outlook 2019, 2016 ,2013 EDB to PST conversion software
  11. Soon the data will be saved in PST format.

Benefits of using professional software:

  1. Easy and Simple, so used by almost everyone with any level of technical knowledge.
  2. It also includes the conversion of corrupt database files.
  3. Allow the removal of Duplicate Emails based on To, From, Subject and Date.
  4. You can also Split the resultant PST file as per your size needs.
  5. It is providing support for all Exchange database versions.

The Bottom Line:

In this article,I’ve discussed with you How to Export Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, Mailbox to PST using Exchange Admin Center, Powershell commands.We’ve also discussed the limitations of these methods and provided an all in one solution of a third party EDB to PST Converter application. They are suitable for businesses and employees having a lot of important and confidential data.

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