Let’s Learn How to Export Email to PDF With Attachments

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  • Updated on August 24th, 2023

Summary: Exporting email to PDF with attachments is a great way to keep your email data organized and secure. When you export email to PDF, the original email message is preserved, and the PDF file is simply a copy of the message for future reference.

Therefore, In this technical blog, we will discuss the reasons and the solutions you can use to convert your emails into PDF files. There are different ways to export the email to PDF with attachments, including using the Print to PDF function in Outlook and a third-party Email Backup Wizard Tool. So let us learn the best way to do the same.

Why do Users Need to Convert Email to PDF?

You should convert an email to a PDF file for many reasons. Here are a few of the most common reasons to export the email as a PDF:

  • To preserve the email’s formatting and content. When you save an email as a PDF, the formatting of the email, including the text, images, and tables, will be preserved. This is important if you need to read and understand the email in the future, even if it is opened on a different device or email client.
  • To make the email easier to share. PDF files are a universal file format that can be opened on any device. This makes them a great way to share emails with people who may use different email clients than you.
  • To protect the email’s content. PDF files are more secure than email messages. This is because PDF files cannot be easily edited or modified. This can be important if you need to share sensitive information in an email.
  • To create a hard copy of the email. If you need a physical copy of an email, you can convert it to a PDF and print it out.

Innovative Techniques to Save Email as PDF

We have the best two solutions for converting emails into PDFs We have the best two solutions, i.e., Manual and automated. The automated solution uses the Email Backup Wizard, which many tech experts recommend. The manual method makes use of the Print to PDF function in Outlook. Follow the write-up for the manual method.

Method 01: Export Email to PDF in Outlook

Follow the below steps to convert an email into a PDF:

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook 2016 or a later version.
  2. Now, Open the email that you wish to export as a PDF.
  3. Click the File tab, and then select Print.
  4. From the Printer drop-down list, select the Microsoft Print to PDF option.
  5. After that, Click the Print option.
  6. Then, from the Save Print Output As dialog box, navigate to the folder where you want to save the PDF file.
  7. At last, Enter a name for the file and click Save.

The PDF file of the Outlook email will be saved in the specified folder. However, users still need help with using this manual method. So, we have an automated solution that is also available. Let’s take a look at an automated solution now.

Method 02: Automated Solution to Convert Email into PDF

If you want to avoid the long and tedious manual process of saving Outlook emails to PDF files with attachments, you can use the Aryson Email Backup Wizard tool. This tool is an automated and accurate solution that can easily back up emails from multiple email clients into various file formats.

This tool is available for free on both Windows and Mac platforms. To use the Aryson Email Backup Wizard tool, follow these steps:

  1. Launch and Start the Email Backup Wizard.
  2. Enter the Email and App-password you want to export as a PDF.
  3. Then, select Gmail inbox, drafts, and other folder items.
  4. After that, select Save in file format as PDF from the drop-down list.
  5. Choose the required filter, such as Migrate or Backup Email without Attachments, Date Filter, etc.
  6. Select Save Path to locate the desired location to save your resultant file.
  7. Finally, click the Download option to export the email as a PDF.

This Email Backup Wizard is an easy, accurate, and versatile way to convert Outlook emails to PDF files. Many tech experts recommend this software, as it saves time and can be used by those with little technical knowledge.

Sum Up

In this blog post, we discussed how to export Email to PDF with attachments. We covered two approaches there. The manual process is long and complex, so it is not recommended. Instead, we recommend using an alternative method, such as a third-party tool like Aryson Email Backup Wizard. This tool can convert your Outlook emails to PDF files with attachments quickly and easily. Now, it’s your choice which method you want to use. I hope it helps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do I save an email as a PDF?

Ans – To save an email as a PDF, use the Aryson Email Backup Wizard.
1. Launch the Aryson Email Backup Wizard and connect to your email account.
2. Then, choose the emails that you need to save in PDF format.
3. After that, Click the “Save as PDF” button.
4. Choose a location to save the PDF file, then click the “Save” option.

Q2. Can I convert emails to PDFs without losing data?

Ans – Yes, you can convert emails to PDFs without losing data using the Aryson Email Backup Wizard. The software supports all major email formats, including PST, EML, MBOX, and MSG. It also preserves all email attachments, formatting, and headers when converting to PDF.

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