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Summary: Are you searching for the right solution to export CSV to PDF? If this description applies to you, you have arrived at the right place. This blog discusses different methods to export CSV to PDF using manual or professional approaches, Using the Aryson CSV to vCard Converter Tool But before diving into the techniques, we’ll first explore a short introduction to CSV and PDF and then discuss the reasons behind the conversion. After that, we’ll learn two different methods to switch from vCard to PDF.

A brief Introduction to CSV and PDF file formats

vCard (Comma Separated Values): It is a plain text file format that stores tabular data. Each line in a CSV file represents a row of data, and commas separate the values in each row. CSV files are frequently used to transfer data across applications.

PDF (Portable Document Format): It is a file format developed by Adobe Systems that can be used to represent documents, including text, images, and fonts, in a manner that is independent of software, hardware, and operating systems. PDF files can be viewed, printed, and edited using a variety of software applications, including Adobe Acrobat Reader and Preview.

What are the reasons behind exporting CSV to PDF?

  1. PDF files are more difficult to edit than CSV files, so exporting your data to PDF can help protect it from unauthorized changes.
  2. PDF files can be opened on any device with a PDF reader, so exporting your data to PDF can make it easier to share with others.
  3. PDF files can be formatted to look more professional, so exporting your data to PDF can make it more aesthetically pleasing to read.
  4. PDF files are designed to be printed, so exporting your data to PDF can make it easier to create hard copies of your data.

02 top method to Convert CSV files into PDFs with attachments

There are several techniques to convert vCard files to PDF files with attachments. But this article provides two approaches to exporting your vCard files into PDF. Both methods are effective, so you can apply any of them that you want:

  • How do I manually convert CSV to PDF?
  • How do I Export CSV to PDF Professionally?

Method 1: How do I manually convert CSV to PDF?

This method allows you to change CSV into PDF files with attachments with Microsoft. Also, you can use any spreadsheet program that supports printing to PDF. Now, let’s learn how to convert CSV to PDF online for free.

  1. First, open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Then, choose whatever data you want to export to PDF.
  3. From the File menu, choose Print.
  4. Select Microsoft Print to PDF as the printer.
  5. Now, click on the Options button & choose the Add Attachments option.
  6. Click the Browse button and select the CSV file you want to attach to the PDF.
  7. Finally, hit the Print button to export the CSV file as a PDF with the attachment.

You can change CSV to PDF using the above solution. It takes too much time & effort. Also, it can corrupt your files. But it can only save a single email at a time if you have a large amount of data and want to convert CSV format to PDF with attachments in bulk. You can choose a direct solution to convert them. Let’s move towards how to perform the automated technique to change CSV to PDF in bulk without losing any data.

Method 2: How do I Export CSV to PDF Professionally?

This method allows you to convert multiple emails to PDFs with Attachments. Also, it provides a user-friendly GUI. This application is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for even novice users to operate without any difficulty. This approach can save you time and convert large amounts of data to PDF at once. Now, let’s get started:

Here are the steps to export various CSV to PDF with attachments:

  1. Download & Install the Aryson CSV to vCard Converter.
  2. Then, click on the Add File button to browse the CSV files.
  3. Select the PDF option from the Save Options menu and click Next.
  4. Now, enter the Password for the PDF file.
  5. After that, click on the Destination Path button to set the location.
  6. Please click the “Convert” button to start the conversion process.

This application provides a free demo version to export 50 items per folder.


As discussed above, both methods can export CSV to PDF with attachments. But as we all know, the manual approach has limitations and is time-consuming. On the other hand, the professional solution is a risk-free and direct solution to exporting multiple CSV files to PDF with attachments. You can select the manual technique if you have a few emails to switch from PDF to CSV. Otherwise, you can switch to the direct method to export multiple CSV to PDF. Now you can choose any of them as per your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do I convert CSV to PDF on Mac?

Ans – 1. Download & Run the CSV Converter for Mac.
2. Select the Add Single File or Add Folder option.
3. After selecting, browse the CSV files.
4. Then, preview the data in the vCard file and choose the PDF format.
5. Now, choose the vCard version > Destination Path to save it.
6. To complete the conversion, click on the “Convert” button.

Q2. Can we use this tool on Windows 10?

Ans – Yes, you can use this application on Windows 10, 11, 8, and all versions of Windows.

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