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How To Export Apple Mail To Outlook 2013, 2010, 2016

Written by Akash

In this Blog, I have solved the most awaited query how one can export Apple Mail to Outlook 2013 along with the further versions as well. Check out the reasons along with the why’s attached to it.

There are times when users need to convert the mail data either from one extension to another. When the platforms change the format too changes accordingly. So there is a demand for the or application which solves such a situation. Moreover, below steps in the manual mechanisms will solve the situation in the easy thought manner.

Reasons why we convert Apple Mail to Outlook

There is always a reason behind the conversion of one format to another and here we have some major points.

  • Favoured and well-liked email client among users so far.
  • An arranged and standardized format for managing emails.
  • Reliability among users.
  • Secure and fix issues provided.

Thus, all these are the major points which make the conversion to Outlook necessary marketable to others as well.

Note: As the direct conversion of MBOX files to PST files is not there. Therefore we need Outlook Express or Eudora for the conversion.

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How to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST

Here I have discussed some methods which will for sure help you in exporting the  MBOX files to Outlook PST.

However, I have divided the process into 4 phases which are distinct and are used separately.

1) Steps required in Apple Mail:

  1. Primarily, the conversion of Apple Mail data files to the MBOX files.
  2. Open Apple Mail application in the system in which you are running MAC.
  3. In the menu bar click on File.
  4. A drop-down will appear in which you need to select Import Mailboxes
  5. Now an import box will open. You will see a list of file conversions beneath “import data from”. From there you are required to click on Files in MBOX format button. 
  6. Out there click on Continue button.
  7. Simply click Done on the next page.

2) Steps required in Microsoft Eudora:

Secondly, there is a need for creating MBOX files. For this, you are required with the Eudora converter which easily creates the MBOX files. Irrespective the application can create other file formats  you can convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST.

  1. Change the earlier file format to .mbx for instance, myfile.mbx
  2. In this step rename the file.
  3. Simply move the file to the directory in Eudora where the application stores it other files. For example: “C:Documents and Settings<user>AppData\Qualcomm\Eudora.”
  4. Now you need to launch Microsoft Eudora.
  5. Simply, double click on the file to be created.
  6. Close the application.

3) Steps required in Outlook Express:

In this phase, you necessitate importing the messages from Eudora to Outlook express.

  1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click on the File menu.
  3. From the drop-down select import and then click messages.
  4. In the email application section click Eudora from the list and select the Next tab.
  5. Furthermore, browse the respective location of file.mbx and click on the OK button.
  6. Select the Next tab and again the Next tab.

4) Steps required in Microsoft Outlook:

This is the final process or phase for the topic manual techniques on how to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PST. Here you need to import the messages from Eudora application.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the File menu and select the Open button.
  3. Now you will be displayed with the list of tabs. From there select the Import tab accompanied by the Import/Export wizard.
  4. Choose Import internet mail addresses and select the Next tab to continue.
  5. Now click the options window mail or you can also select Express 4.x and other versions as well.
  6. Make sure the Import mail button is been checked.
  7. Finally, click Next tab.

Discussed above are some methods which will help you in the conversion process and will surely give you the maximum output.

Alternative Solution:

The common and workable format for Apple Mail and Outlook is MBOX and PST respectively.

  • So there is a requirement for conversion process from MBOX to PST extensions.
  • If for some reason the manual method does not operate by you then you may switch to the next method i,e. MBOX file converter.
  • You can easily and conveniently export Apple Mail to Outlook 2013 by using this MBOX to PST converter crack or its other versions as well. 

Final verdict:

I feel like one should always go for the smart approaches which will either save your time and crucial data as well. Not only-but also if you are a layman then check out the alternate approach. Otherwise, I have listed the best steps imparted in the manual methods above which are definitely worth trying for!!!

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