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Download Free MDB Viewer Tools to View and Open the MS Access Files

Written by Ishita Gusain

Before telling you about the tool, let’s discuss the file formats which are accessible in MS Access. The first database format is MDB and the other one ACCDB. If by any chance you are unable to view these file formats then MDB viewer is the only way out.

Many users receive an MDB file from their respective clients but they can’t open them unless and until they have an application or MS Access installed into their PC. Are you facing the same problem? Don’t worry I have a solution for it. Try Free MDB Viewer to open and access the MDB files.

This blog presents you the best MS Access Database MDB Viewer software to open MDB files on Windows. This software opens corrupt MDB files even if MS Access fails to do so. Further, the blog additionally portrays the best MDB Viewer software along with a comparison with their primary features and highlights.

Introduction of MDB ViewerThe MS Access

MDB Viewer comes in the classification of Access Database file viewer. This tool is used to view, open and read the MS Access MDB and ACCDB files. MDB viewer is a free tool which gives a simple strategy to see the MDB and ACCDB files. It has a user-friendly UI and can be used without any technical expertise. On top of that, MDB viewer displays the preview of the complete database including table items as well.

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Recommendations for Using the Tool: Down below are the reasons and the conditions which will show the need for the MDB viewer tool.

  1. At the point when the MDB file is kept in the corrupted sectors of the hard disk then these files become unreachable. Thus, you can open these difficult to reach MDB files with the use of MDB File Viewer.
  2. Due to the virus attack, the MDB and ACCDB database files gets corrupted and does not open. However, in any case, the MDB Viewer is fit for opening the corrupted MDB and ACCDB files.
  3. While working in the database, in the meantime sudden power cut can result in the corruption. Subsequently, the file will wind up in a way that it won’t be opened. In this way, for this issue, the MDB viewer is helpful to open, view and read database records.

Comparison of Top 3 Free MDB Viewer tools

Brand Aryson Technology MDB Viewer Sysinfotools MDB Viewer Data Recovery Solutions MDB Viewer
Packaging mdb viewer mdb viewer mdb viewer
Download download download download
Status 5 star 4.5 star 4 star
Basic Product Details
Price Free Free Free
Size 2.23 MB 1.32 MB 1.4 MB
Latest Version 18.1 18.0 18.0
Open damaged database files right check right check right check
MAC compatibility cross check cross check cross check
Scan database files quickly right check right check right check
Compatible with the different versions of Access right check right check right check
Compatible with the different versions of Access files right check right check right check
Preview feature right check right check right check
Supports MS Windows versions right check right check right check
Hierarchy right check right check cross check
No size limitation right check right check right check
Tech support right check right check right check
FAQ right check right check right check
Live Chat right check right check cross check


When you don’t have the MS Access then you may look here for the MDB viewer tool which will help you in the opening of Access database files which are corrupted or damaged. Moreover, they support all variants of MS Access and MS Windows versions as well. Apart from that, the Free MDB Viewer tool lets clients to quickly scan and preview the output. One can easily download any of them.

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