How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook

Want to know how to Delete duplicate Emails from Outlook.
Are you an Outlook user who receives dozens of identical Emails every day? Duplicate Email is a prominent issue everyone deals with it. But as messages start to accumulate it gets scary to delete them fearing the loss of essential data.
Duplicate Emails also deteriorates the performance and overall productivity of the app, making it bulky and laggy and causing the PST to be oversized and even corrupt in some severe cases.
In this article, we’ll know what causes duplicate mails, why duplicate Emails are harmful, how to delete multiple emails in Outlook manually, and the professional solution for removing duplicate Emails in Outlook.
Note: The methods discussed here are compatible to be used to delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013.

Possible causes of Email Duplication in Outlook:

  1. Short Send/Receive intervals: In case of Email update at a short-range, there is improper sync of the mailbox components, which results in data duplication.
  2. Improper configuration of Rules: Dut to incorrect configuration of rules conflicting rules may operate simultaneously and cause duplicate messages, dates, records, Emails.
  3. Third-Party Antivirus: There is a slight chance that the Send/Receive process gets intercepted due to an Antivirus.
  4. Improperly Set-Mailbox: An incorrectly configured mail might result in you receiving the same Emails twice.

These are few reasons due to which Duplicate Emails may occur in Outlook.

Why remove duplicate Emails in Outlook?

Here are some of the negative impacts of keeping multiple copies of an Email:

  1. Duplicate Emails hamper your productivity by causing a break in the flow.
  2. Multiple copies of the same Email may cause the PST file to increase in size if they have attachments too.
  3. The loading speed and performance of Outlook client may suffer as it becomes laggy and starts hanging.
  4. Businesses have to reply to client Emails, responding to the same Email more than once looks unprofessional and creates confusion on both ends.
  5. These are some reasons due to which it becomes necessary to remove multiple Email copies.

How to delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013:

There are multiple ways available to delete duplicate Emails in Outlook discussed briefly below:
There is a possibility that you’ve configured the PST file more than once. In this case, multiple accounts add to Outlook with the same PST file that causes Duplicates.
Follow method 1 to resolve it.

Method 1:Checking Account Setting to remove duplicate Emails in Outlook:

  1. Open the MS Outlook application and navigate to “File“->”Info“->”Account” Settings.Delete multiple outlook 'emails
  2. Click on “Account Settings“->”Account Settings…“.
  3. Go to the Email tab and look for the account name, if it appears twice then select the Email account and remove it.How to remove duplicate emails in outlook
  4. Click on the Close button to finish.

Method 2:Using Import/Export to remove Duplicate Emails:

  1. Open MS Outlook and navigate to File->Open & Export -> Import/Export.Removal of same mail
  2. In the Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file option and click on the Next button.Remove similar Emails by import/export
  3. Choose Outlook Data File(.pst) on Import a file window and Press the Next button.truncate similar mails in outlook
  4. In the Import Outlook Data File window, browse the pst file and check Do not import duplicates option and Select Next to proceed.Email removal in outlook
  5. Select Outlook Data File and Finish to complete the process.Outlook mail deletion

Method 3:Outlook Cleanup Tool to Remove Duplicate Emails:

  1. Open the MS Outlook application.
  2. Select the Inbox folder containing Duplicate Emails.
  3. Click on the Home and select the Cleanup Option.Using Outlook Cleanup
  4. Select any of the Following: Clean Up Conversation, Clean Up Folders, Clean Up folders and Subfolders.
  5. To remove deleted Emails permanently right click on the Deleted Items folder and choose Empty folder option.

Limitation of Deleting Duplicate Emails from Outlook manually:

  1. Sometimes the Clean Up tool starts generating an error message “No messages were cleaned up. Only messages that satisfy your clean up settings will be moved to the trash folder” during the process.
  2. You can consider using the methods if the size of the PST file is small.
  3. If you have a large business with several employees and a years worth of essential sensitive Emails, then using these methods won’t be safe, and data loss may happen.
  4. Although the methods are relatively easy to perform the integrity and importance of Emails are always at stake.

Therefore it’s advised to opt for a professional tool like the Aryson Outlook Duplicate Remover tool which quickly removes all copy Emails and offers other capabilities too.
Such as the option to filtering Emails according to a date range,deleting multiple Emails at once and an easy to use interface which anyone can use.

Wrapping Up:

All Outlook users face the problem of Email copies. We’ve discussed why Duplicate Emails occur in Outlook, what problems they cause, how to delete multiple emails in Outlook using the manual methods if you have few Emails and the professional solution for it.
All these methods discussed here can be used to delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook 365, 2019, 2016, 2013. You can choose any of the ways as per your requirements.

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