02 Best Techniques to Create PST Backup from Office 365 Mailbox

Summary: While working in an Institution, we receive and send emails daily. Certainly, these emails bear lots of critical data that needs to be kept secure. To secure Office 365 files from Internal and External threats, you need to create PST backup from Office 365 mailbox. Moreover, many users have queries like Can you create a PST file from Office 365? or How do I export my Office 365 mailbox to PST? To help these users, we have mentioned two efficient methods to create a backup of PST files from the Office 365 account. The first one is a manual approach using the eDiscovery utility and the second one is a professional tool. But before that, let’s discuss the reasons to create a PST backup from Office 365. Download Now   Download Now

Why do Users Export PST Backup from Office 365 Webmail?

There are various factors responsible for achieving Office 365 export mailbox to PST. Some motives are as follows:

  • Protection of data from accidentally deleting important files and data.
  • Helps to take Office 365 backup to make space for more additional files.
  • It assists users in safeguarding Office 365 data from Hacking or any other dangers.
  • We can save Office 365 mail items to a local drive for future use If we create PST from Office 365 mailbox.

Manual Trick to Create PST Backup from Office 365

Method 1: Office 365 Export Mailbox to PST Using eDiscovery export tool

To start this process, users have to download the eDiscovery utility to complete O365 export mailbox to PST. Follow the instructions carefully to get good results:

  1. Open an Office 365 account on your PC.
  2. Click the nine dots icon on the top left side and tap on Admin to launch the admin center.
  3.  After that, in MS Office 365 admin center, choose Security and Compliance.
  4. Then, click on Permissions and then select the option eDiscovery Manager.
  5.  Check if there is an Export Role itemized in the Assigned Roles.
  6. If not, in the eDiscovery Administrator section, press on Edit>tap on Edit Role group> and add the role.
  7. Now go to Search and click on Content Search to proceed.
  8. In the appeared Wizard, select New Search.
  9. Provide a name and description for the new search and hit Next.
  10. Opt for the mailboxes you want to export by picking or searching the user’s name, and tap on Done to proceed.
  11. To export the entire mailbox, don’t put any conditions. Then click Next.
  12. Then, review the content Search and hit Submit to initiate the search.
  13. To exit the New Search Window, press Done.
  14. Now, after the Search ends, Again open the Content search Window.
  15. Select the content search just formed.
  16. Tap on More and Choose Export Results.
  17. Select the Output Options and how you want to export Exchange Content.
  18. Press on the Export button to begin the Export Process.
  19. To analyze the status, return to the Searches and select Exports.
  20. Copy the Export key to use in the process ahead and select Download Results alternative.
  21. It will download the eDiscovery export tool. After that, open the software to export PST from Office 365 Webmail.
  22. Paste the copied Export key and pick the location to keep the PST file.
  23. Finally, tap on Start for achieving O365 export mailbox to PST.

The overhead method can create PST from Office 365 mailbox. Apart from this, the manual approach contains some limitations.

Drawbacks of using eDiscovery Utility

  • Its process is so long that users face a lot of trouble.
  • Lacks in exporting the complete data like emails, contacts, calendars from Office 365 to PST.
  • Novice users find a lot of difficulties and get confused while performing the steps.
  • The eDiscovery tool doesn’t equip the filter option.

These all are the shortcomings of using the manual process. So to overcome these issues, use Aryson Office 365 Backup and Restore tool.

Professional Approach to Create PST from Office 365 Webmail

Aryson Office 365 Backup and Restore Utility comes with a user-friendly interface for easy transfer. It helps to create PST backup from Office 365 Mailboxes with ease. It also migrates Office 365 mailbox to several other file formats like MBOX, MSG, EML, PDF, EMLX, MHT, HTML, and TXT. The software also enables users to migrate Office 365 emails to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, IMAP Server, Thunderbird, Live Exchange, etc. Moreover, It provides lots of advanced features for effortless migration. In addition, you can try this software for free. In addition, Its demo version converts 50 emails free of cost.

Steps for Creating PST Backup from O365 Mailboxes

To start the procedure user need to download and install Aryson Office 365 Backup and Restore tool. After that, follow the below steps to accomplish Follow the Steps to Create PST Backup from Office 365 Account:

  1. Firstly, Launch the Aryson Office 365 backup tool.
  2. Now, choose the Backup option to proceed.
  3. Provide your Office 365 account credentials and Sign In.
  4. After that, opt for all the mailboxes you want to export and click on Next.
  5. Pick all the files and folders to transfer and tap on the Next button.
  6. Then, select PST from the number of file formats available from the drop-down menu and apply the needed Functions.
  7. Choose the destination of the newly created PST file.
  8. Finally, press the Convert button to start the export procedure.


To sum up, we have mentioned the two best methods to create PST backup from Office 365 mailbox. It includes a manual technique with its steps to help you with Office 365 export mailbox to PST. However, the manual steps are too tedious and complicated. Therefore, we advise users to use a professional third-party tool to download PST from Office 365. I hope you find these methods beneficial to export PST from Office 365 Webmail.

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