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Outlook maintains a local copy of our information stored in our computer in the form of OST files on Offline mode. This capability allows us to access our old downloaded or synced messages, attachments, notes, and so on with the presence of an internet connection. To take a backup of OST files you need to change OST file to PST. Here we have all available solutions for converting OST file.We have also mentioned a tool named Aryson OST to PST Converter here.OST to PST Converter

You can use this as the easiest How to convert ost to pst file for free guide. Answers to all your questions like What is an ost and a pst file? Why do we need to migrate from ost to pst? The time you’d need to perform an ost to pst file conversion, and all available free ost to pst conversion methods like -Import and Export mailbox data as PST file, Using Archive for OST to PST conversion, Drag and Drop to a new PST file. Why aren’t manual methods recommended? and it’s a solution.

What is an OST and PST File?

An OST(Offline storage table or .ost) file is an offline data file(local cache) used by Microsoft Exchange Servers that stores all your personal data like E-Mail, Contacts, Notes, Callender, attachments and more. It is stored your system(cache exchange mode) OST file.The differences in the system copy are later reflected in the server mailbox when connected to it.

A PST(Personal Storage Table or .pst) file is an offline Outlook 2016>Microsoft Outlook Data File that stores our Outlook data for POP3, IMAP, and other Web-based Email accounts including the Mail folder and it’s contents like E-Mail, the attachments, to-do items, calendars, contacts, tasks, and more. All versions of Microsoft Outlook have used PST files. They had a 20GB maximum size for Outlook 2003 – 2007) or 50GB for Outlook 2010. You can chech more difference between Outlook OST and PST in the mentioned blog.

Why do we need to Migrate from OST to PST?

OST file, as it resides on the local machine, is free from Exchange server-related issues like Mailbox Deletions by the user, Server Crash, Exchange Corruption, Viruses, Low Storage Space, and more issues as it is unaffected by the technical difficulties users can thus use OST files to restore the mailbox data in case of such problems by converting the .ost to .pst file and migrating their data from OST to PST safely.

Although Outlook provides us with invaluable features as the advanced file search yet lacking when it encounters non-existing or corrupt files.

When do we need to change OST file to PST?

  1. The Exchange mailbox backup is needed.
  2. Accidental deletion of some mailboxes from the server.
  3. Unavailability of EBD files when instant access of Email is required caused due to Server crash or Sync failure due to any cause.
  4. A user needs to rebuild their OST file while having some unsaved data in the same ost file.
  5. Exchange server maintenance.

Manual methods to convert from OST to PST

The following are the available methods for manual conversion:

  1. Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file.
  2. Create an Archive for OST to PST conversion.
  3. Drag and Drop to a New Pst file.

Method 1: Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook >Click on the File menu present on the top left corner.
  2. Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

    Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

  3. Click on Open & Export option present under Info on the left side > Click on the third option of Import/Export.
  4. A new dialogue box appears prompting you to “Choose an action to perform”.Click on the Second option “Export to a file”.Click on the Next button on the bottom of the dialogue box to continue.

    Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

                       Import and Export wizard

  5. On the next dialogue box, you’ll select the type of file to import. Click on the second option: “Outlook Data File(.pst)” and click on the “Next” button.

    Export to a file

                Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

  6. Select the folder where you’d like to Export from(Here, we need to select the files which need to export). Press the “Next” button to continue.

    Export outlook data file

                                  Export outlook data file

  7. Select the desired folder where you’d like to place the newly created Pst file while also providing the option concerning duplicate items. Select the “Finish” button.

    Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

                 Import and Export mailbox data as a PST file

  8. After this, a new pop up asks you to provide an optional password, click on the “OK “button and finally your OST file saves as a PST file in the provided location.

Method 2: Change OST file to PST using Archive

Note: For this method, we need to enable Archive Settings which saves the OST files as a separate PST file in the system which also helps to maintain the mailbox size at an optimum level as it saves the older Emails in the archive folder.

Perform the following steps to create an archive mailbox:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook >Click on the File menu present on the top left corner.
  2. Click on “Options” present on the left and Navigate to “Advanced” and select the “AutoArchive Settings”.

    Convert Ost to Pst using “Archive”

                                         Creating an archive mailbox

  3. Provide the days till which auto-archive has to run. Select the folder where you wish to put the archive file by using the “Browse” button and click “OK.”

    Convert Ost to Pst using “Archive”

    Convert Ost to Pst using Archive

The process saves mailbox items from OST file to PST file as per the archiving settings.

Method 3: Migrate ost to pst by Drag and Drop to a new .pst file.

In this method, we first need to create a new .pst file for our Outlook Profile.

To do this :

  1. Click on “New Item” from the toolbar and go to “More Items” then select “Outlook Data file”.

    Drag and drop method

                Migrate ost to pst by Drag and Drop to a new .pst file.

  2. Enter the file name and password if needed in the optional password box.
  3. Click the “OK” button.

Now Drag all the folders which you’d like to export to the previously created new pst file. To import the Contacts and Inbox folder you’ll have to copy the folder from OST to PST.

While the manual methods are cost-effective and viable for small data volume, they have certain drawbacks:

    1. Slow speed as compared to using third-party tools.
    2. There is always a chance of Human-induced Error which might result in Risk of relevant Data lost in the process.
    3. Not practical for big companies and organizations as they have tons of essential data in enormous amounts.

Therefore, we use Third Party OST to PST Converters Software which simplifies the task.


As there are many options for conversions tool,it’s possible you may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of available tools in the market. Some may offer sophisticated functionalities for technical or Company based use.You want to go for an easy to use software which is fast and reliable like the Aryson OST to PST Converter. It provides conversion of standard as well as corrupt ost files and also creates a log of the full conversion process.So now you know how to change OST file to PST quickly and available software for this.

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