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Let’s Learn – How to Convert OST to PST File for Free?

Written by Ishita Gusain

In this article, I am going to share information related to Outlook OST and Outlook PST file. Our main concern is on how to convert OST to PST free. Thus, I have provided the methods which will help in the conversion of outlook OST to PST file.

Outlook OST File

  • Offline storage table is the acronym for OST file.
  • It is a format which is used in the MS Outlook for the storage of various separate files.
  • OST is located at the Microsoft Exchange server.
  • This is basically a folder where each and every task is is performed but in the offline mode.

Hence, When the connectivity establishes it syncronises the data with the Exchange server too.

Outlook PST File

  • Personal storage table is the acronym for PST file.
  • As the name suggests it is the folder which is used by the user using the MS Outlook.
  • It is located on the user’s side.
  • One can take backup of PST file also.
  • Furthermore, it can store atmost 2GB of data.

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What are the reasons for converting OST to PST?

There are plenty of reasons for the conversion. Hence, some of them are as follows.

  • Exchange server unexpected crash.
  • Exchange server unexpected maintenance.
  • Migration of data becomes easier.
  • Unsupposedly EDB file corruption

Below I have provided the methods where you can fix the problem stating  how to convert OST to PST free with the help of manual methods. 

How to convert OST to PST Manually?

There are methods which help you in converting the OST format to PST manually. Two of them Has been listed below.

Method 1) Exporting the mailbox as the PST:  

In this method, you need to log in to the Outlook account from the credentials like that of the exchange account. So as to export the mailboxes to the PST.

  1. In the file, menu select Open&Export and then choose Import&Export.  
  2. In the Import&Export wizard choose the option export to a file.
  3. Click on the Next.                                                                     
  4. Now Export to file window select outlook to a data file(.pst) option.
  5. Select the Next button.
  6. In another window, you are required to select the file which you need to export.
  7. Further, click Next.
  8. Now search for the location where you need to store the file.
  9. Now choose the button do not export duplicate items.  

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2. Using an Archiving method to save OST to PST:

For this method, you need to enable the archiving. With these emails of the Outlook will be saved on another different file. With this, you can maintain the size of the PST file as well. Firstly run the MS Outlook. Go to the File and click on the options.

  1. Go to the advanced button and on the left side and then click on auto archive settings. 
  2. After which you are required to select the number of days to run auto archiving.
  3. Choose the folder to save the files which are archived.
  4. Click on the OK button. 
  5. As per the archiving settings mailbox will be saved in the PST.

How to convert OST to PST free successfully? – Direct method

If you don’t get the satisfied results from the above two methods then this professional method is best suited for you. As the method gives you the maximum pertaining output. Check out the OST to PST converter which will help you in exporting the ost emails to pst safely and in a secured manner. 

Final Thought:

If you are a person who needs to save the time as well as does not want to risk your data for the loss. Then choose wisely the right method. I would always suggest you go for the method which gives you the maximum result having less risk factor.

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