How to Convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST easily

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  • Updated on August 22nd, 2022

Summary:- In this article, I will share the methods that will convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST. I have also provided the direct method using NSF to PST Converter. It will reduce the risk of losing the NSF files during conversion. So let’s just dive in!!

NSF to PST Converter

In this technology-updated world where nothing is monotonous. Ever-changing technology may experience some bumps which lead to the use of third-party software to correct the situation. However, there is a solution to every problem in the computer world. So for this conflict as well which says the conversion of Lotus Notes to Outlook PST.

What are the reasons behind NSF to PST  Conversion?

I have listed some major reasons to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST. In addition to Check out the methods which will surely help you in migrating the emails from NSF to PST.

  • Users can work even offline when it comes to efficiency. It is because of the OST file in Outlook.
  • Management of emails and other data is best.
  • Most secured email client.
  • Probably the popularity is also because of the organized and friendly user interface of Outlook.
  • Maintenance is also better than other email clients. As provides inbuilt exe’s to correct the smaller blunders.
  • The multitasking feature is used in Outlook.
  • Sharing properties is also there which makes it different from the crowd.

How to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST

convert lotus notes archive to outlook pstHere are the methods to Convert NSF file to PST:

  • Convert NSF to PST using Lotus Notes Application
  • Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook through MS Outlook

Convert NSF to PST using Lotus Notes Application

Follow the below instructions carefully for conversion of NSF files:- 

  1. Run Lotus Notes. convert lotus notes to outlook
  2. Navigate and browse for the files which need to get converted.
  3. Selecting the file click the Open button. convert nsf to pst
  4. In the Lotus Notes application go to the File menu.
  5. From that drop-down menu select the export option. convert lotus notes to outlook
  6. Now select the location where you want to store the selected files.
  7. In the below section click the “save as type” tab and click “structured data” or “comma separated value”.
  8. Simply select the “export” button. 
  9. When you selected a type you will get a CSV wizard where you need to select the points as per “type”.
  10. Accordingly, click on the OK button. 

With these above steps, you will easily able to convert NSF to Outlook PST. However, now you are required to import these above-saved files to MS Outlook PST.

Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook through MS Outlook

Given below are the steps to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST using Outlook Application:-

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook. 
  2. Choose the “File” option in the menu and select the “open”.
  3. Select Import and export in the option. convert lotus notes to outlook
  4. In this Import and Export wizard select “Import from another program or file”.
  5. Select the “Next” button. 
  6. Another wizard “import a file” will be displayed on the screen.
  7. From there select comma-separated values(Windows) and accordingly select “Next”. convert lotus notes to outlook
  8. Now the file which you have saved navigate it and browse in the location bar. Follow “Next”. convert nsf to pst
  9. Choose the location where you want to store the converted data.
  10. Select the “Finish” button. convert lotus notes archive to outlook pst

The above steps will help you in importing the files in MS Outlook and surely you will be able to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST. If you are searching for solutions to export Apple mail to Outlook PST, then read mentioned post. 

Limitations of Manual Techniques 

With the advancement in technology, a number of options increases when we try to migrate NSF to PST or any other conversion related to email migration. With this, there arise drawbacks in particular methods. Dealing with that here are some.

  1. Too lengthy and cumbersome.
  2. Becomes Burdensome for novice users.
  3. For a non-technical person becomes a prudent situation to follow each step.
  4. Chances of losing data.
  5. Inappropriate for lengthy NSF files.

How to successfully migrate NSF files to PST?

In particular, I would say manual methods will work fine if you follow the above-given steps. However, if somewhere you are not able to convert lotus notes to outlook pst then you can check out this method also. With this professional approach, the user will save precious time and concerned data. It is quick and robust which will give satisfactory results. Hence, if you are looking for the maximum pertaining output then go for NSF to PST file converter.

Final Verdict

If you are a layman in the technical field or simply a novice person then try the method which will lower the risk factor in order to convert Lotus Notes Archive to Outlook PST. Thus, the manual method will equally give you the results as well!!!

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