Top Ways to Convert Exchange EDB to PST

Are you looking for the EDB to PST conversion? If you are searching for an easy method then let me help you here. Keep in mind, EDB and PST files are not quite the same as one another. You can open these file formats in their particular applications. In this article, I will comprehend the fundamental contrast between these two files. Additionally, we’ll figure out how to convert EDB to PST free in two unique manners.

Some novice users may find the relation between Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server a bit confusing. However, both of these programs work together. For example, Microsoft Exchange works on the server and Microsoft Outlook works as a desktop email client. So, let’s check out the basic terms first!

What is EDB file Format?
EDB files are basically Microsoft Exchange files which are used for the storage of non-SMTP and in-store messages.

What is the PST file format?
PST is termed as a Personal storage table. These files are used by MS Outlook email client in order to store the emails and other mailbox data.

Generally, people tend to recommend third-party tools to convert EDB to PST format. Also, such professional solutions are extremely easy and effective but people look for a free solution. However, Microsoft provides one free solution which is ExMerge utility.

Convert using EXmerge.exe Utility?

The ExMerge tool is a free utility provided by Microsoft. It is the tool that effortlessly exports or converts Exchange EDB file format to PST. However, it has various features which are as follows:

  1. This .exe is a tool is used to export EDB files to PST.
  2. Apart from that it also helps in importing crucial data from MS Outlook PST files to the MS Exchange server.
  3. It has the capability to avoid duplication. It can help users to avoid exporting the duplicate content again and again from the Exchange server to MS Outlook PST files.
  4. The utility also has the ability to do a “Brick Level Backup” where a user can simply back up the single mailbox than an entire database. 

How To Use ExMerge To Convert EDB to PST free?

Check out the step by step procedure to merge Exchange Server files to MS Outlook PST files. But before that, you need to install Exmerge.exe in your system.

Note: You need to make sure that you have Exchange server 2003 provided with all the admin tools and rights. Then, simply download and install the utility tool in your system and log in with admin rights.

Mailbox merge to transfer EDB to PST

1: First, run the  ExMerge utility. After that Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Wizard will open then click on Next.

Edb to Pst conversion

2: Second, select the procedure that suits you better. Now choose Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure) >> Next.

How to convert exchange EDB to PST

3: For conversion, select Extract data from an Exchange Server Mailbox >> Next.

4: Provide the name of your Microsoft Exchange Server from where you want to extract the files.  Again, click Next.

Export EDB to PST using Mailbox merge

5: Select the server database >> click Next to continue.

Export EDB to PST

6: After that select mailboxes and click Next.

Conversion of EDB to PST

7:  Browse after which select the destination where you want to save the migrated files >> Next button.

Convert EDB to PST free

8: Finally the process of conversion from EDB to PST will start >> Click Finish.

Professional Method to Convert EDB to PST 

In this article, we’ve learned how to export email messages from MS Exchange to MS Outlook by using the ExMerge utility which is a freeware tool provided by Microsoft. Moreover, this tool easily extracts email messages from the EDB files even if they’re corrupted and simply convert EDB to PST free with the demo version. Furthermore, if in case the above-described tool does not help you then you should opt for EDB to PST converter software that effortlessly converts EDB to PST file format. Finally, down below is the stepwise conversion in the video.

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