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Summary: Are you looking to convert EMLX to PDF? Are you worried about how to convert EMLX files into PDF format easily? If yes, here we are going to discuss the best techniques for the conversion of EMLX to PDF files using the Aryson EMLX Converter Tool. Additionally, we will learn what EMLX and PDF files are and what the restrictions are for users who want to export their EMLX files into PDF documents.

What are EMLX and PDF Files?

EMLX and PDF are two different file formats used for storing email messages.

  • EMLX stands for “E-mail Message Library XML“. It is a proprietary file format used by Apple Mail to store email messages. EMLX files are plain text files that contain all the information about an email message, including the sender, recipient, subject, date, time, body, and attachments.
  • PDF stands for “Portable Document Format“. It is an open standard file format developed by Adobe Systems for storing documents in a format that is independent of the software used to create them. PDF files can be viewed and printed on any device with a PDF reader.

In general, PDF files are more versatile and secure than EMLX files. However, EMLX files are smaller in size and can be opened by Apple Mail without any additional software.

There are some possible scenarios for which users need to change their EMLX files into PDF format, Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Portability: PDF files are more portable than EMLX files. You can easily move them from one device to another and open them on any computer with a PDF reader.
  • Security: PDF files can be password protected, which can help protect the contents of the file from unauthorized access.
  • Formatting: PDF files retain the formatting of the original email message, including fonts, colors, and images. This can be important if you want to preserve the look and feel of the email message.
  • Printing: PDF files are easy to print. This can be useful if you need to print out an email message for reference or documentation.

Here we discussed some benefits that PDF gives to users. Now, let’s move ahead toward solutions.

Here, we are going to discuss the best techniques for the conversion of EMLX files into PDF format. Additionally, We have a verified solution that uses the Aryson EMLX Converter Tool. This tool gives various beneficial features to users, such as converting EMLX files into PDF, PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, CSV, etc. Let’s have a look at the manual technique first, then move on to the automated solution.

  1. Open Finder and navigate to the folder: Library/Mail/Mailboxes
  1. Create a new folder with the suffix .mbox.
  2. Inside the folder, create another folder, and name it Messages.
  3. Copy all of your EMLX files into the Messages folder.
  4. Then, Open Apple Mail. You should now see a new mailbox called Import in the Mailboxes list. It will appear empty at first.
  5. After that, Select the Import mailbox and choose Create New from the Mailbox menu.
  6. Apple Mail will import the EMLX files into the Import mailbox. Once the import is complete, you should see all of your messages in Apple Mail.
  1. Open Mail on your Mac, and then select one or more EMLX files.
  2. From the menu bar, choose File > Export as PDF.
  3. In the Export as PDF dialog box, select the location where you want to save the PDF file.
  4. Enter a name for the PDF file and click Save.

Learning this conversion process would be a good option, as there is no need to think about converting Mac-supported EMLX files to other file formats. However, this manual method can only convert one EMLX file into a PDF at a time. There is no selective email conversion or filtering option available in manual methods.

The Aryson EMLX Converter is trustworthy and reliable software. This can easily convert the EMLX files into PDFs, MSG, MBOX, CSV, and other file formats in MacOS, but in Windows, you have to Convert EML to PDF. Let’s see the step-by-step workings of the Aryson EMLX Converter tool.

  1. Launch and Start the Aryson EMLX Converter tool as an administrator.
  2. Now, click on Single File/Multiple Files or Select Folder.
  3. Then, look for EMLX files in your macOS.
  4. After that, check out those folders that you want to convert into PDF format.
  5. Choose the Saving Format as PDF, and then select the Path to Save.
  6. Finally, click the Convert option to Convert EMLX to PDF.

So, that’s how your EMLX files are successfully converted into PDF format. There are various benefits to using this tool, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It converts the EMLX files into HTML, DOCX, PNG, and other document & image formats on MacOS. But on Windows, users have to Convert EML To PST.
  • You can Preview your EMLX Files before conversion into PDF.
  • The free demo version is available and allows users to convert 50 EMLX items.

Undoubtedly, this blog post will clear out all your confusion regarding the conversion of EMLX into PDF. Here, we discuss the verified and trusted solutions to convert EMLX to PDF. I hope this article is useful for you in resolving your queries regarding the conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I export EMLX files to PDF format in a batch?

Ans – Yes, the Aryson EMLX Converter tool gives users the feature to export their EMLX files to PDF in bulk.

Q2. Can we use this software on Mac systems?

Ans – Yes, the Aryson EMLX Converter tool works well on Mac systems as well. This software is compatible with all versions of MacOS.

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