Step Wise Error Solved: Cannot Open Outlook Default Email Folders Error

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  • Updated on January 23rd, 2020

Among the most, every now and again experienced Outlook error is the “cannot open Outlook default email folders” 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 error which continues reemerging. Generally, the reasons behind this error can be successfully identified and it tends to be fixed with a couple of easy approaches.

In this blog post, I am mainly focusing on this super appearing error, its causes, and its most effortless solutions.

While a greater part of corporate, professionals, experts, and home-based clients over the world converse by means of Outlook. As we all know Outlook is an email client that is not an exception when comes error.

Also, the upsetting truth is, more often than not, Outlook errors are transient and get back before you can even recover from their first outcome.
In this way, the most ideal approach to tackle Outlook errors is to understand the genuine cause and resolve the issue directly.

What are the causes for error Can’t Open Outlook Default Email Folders

  • If Outlook is running in compatibility mode chances are high for emerging such error.
  • Also, if the Navigation pane settings are corrupted for some reason then also one can encounter such error.
  • If the Outlook PST is damaged for some reason it could result in this error.

How to fix error Cannot Open Outlook Default Email Folders Manually

When you launch the Outlook application users tend to report being stood up to met with the error pop-ups that says, “Error: Cannot open your default email folders.
At the point when such an event occurs users clearly cannot start with his work and is rather banished from getting to his mailbox. This error could be raised up with so many causes behind it.

Professional method to handle Outlook error

If you are not satisfied with the above methods. In case you have the worst Outlook error to handle then you may check out this post. As the simple PST repair tool will help you in resolving this error easily. In addition to this, the tool provides a free version so that the user first can get a trial of the software. Accordingly, one can download the product if it is liked by you.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for the maximum recovery option then go for the repair tool. As the software vouches to offer the maximum output. Then you must go for the tool as the error cannot open Outlook default email folders will easily be resolved by this above-dispensed tool.

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