How to fix boot device not found 3f0 error – DIY methods

fix boot device not found 3f0
Written by Ishita Gusain

In this blog post,  I will discuss in detail about the error and how to fix boot device not found error. If you are dealing with such situation then you can continue reading the general fixes dispensed below. With this you can answer how to fix boot device not found 3f0 easily.

What is booting?

Booting is the process of loading up of the operating system into the RAM. In simple words, turning on the system and how does it perform during the entire process comes under the process of booting. It includes several steps which are as follows:

  • Power up: In this step, we turn on the system by switching on the button.
  • POST process: Secondly, Power on self-test is performed. With this self-checking of hardware is seen. If any breakage of the physical device occurs the error message will be displayed.
  • The boot device is searched: BIOS searches for the MBR(master boot record) which is located at the 0th sector of the hard disk.
  • Boot Loader: MBR searches for the boot loader of the operating system.
  • Operating System: Secondary boot loader task is to load the operating system into the RAM.

Common Boot errors faced during loading of OS

  • Boot device not found- hard disk 3fo
  • No boot device is available.
  • Boot device not found please install an operating system to your hard disk.
  • No bootable device found

When the boot device does not found 3f0 error occurs?

The error generates when the operating system’s boot loader does not get loaded into the RAM.  Basically, the hard disk does not support the booting process. To achieve this task, BIOS which is located into ROM sets the process of booting. After which access of certain files occurs not completed by the hard disk. Simply when the hard drive is not able to access the file related to booting the system.

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What are the reasons to fix not found 3f0 boot device error?

If you know the cause behind certain error you could somewhere find the solution also for the problem. Below I have dispensed the possible reasons which help to resolve boot device not found 3f0 error.

  • In BIOS incorrect boot sequence must be the reason.
  • The 0th sector of the hard disk where the boot loader is located might get damaged.
  • Hard drive connection could be damaged.
  • Partitions or sector of the hard drive might be corrupted.
  • Malware attack could also happen.

DIY methods to fix boot device not found 3f0 error:

Formerly, I had provided you how and why of boot device not found 3f0 error. Taking a step ahead in order to solve the problem which occurs in your hard drive is common. Therefore, choose a suitable method in order to solve the hard disk drive problem i.e, boot device not found.

1: Restore the default BIOS settings:

Different unbootable disk helps you to boot the system. To fix the boot device not found error follow the given steps:

  • Turn on the system and immediately press the functional key to reach to the BIOS setup.
  • Enter the default settings of BIOS by pressing the F9 key.
  • When loaded simply press F10 key to save and then exit from the BIOS.
  • Choose Yes button and save the data and press exit.

Then the listed instructions you need to follow to restart the computer.

Therefore, If the error still pops up then go for the next method i,e. Reset function for your hard drive to fix not found 3f0 boot device error.

2: Resetting of Hard Drive:

There can be chances when you require the reset functionality of the hard drive. If the above method does not help you. Check out this method along with the possible steps dispensed below.

  • Turn off the computer.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Detach, the hard drive.
  • Assemble the system along with hard drive and power on it to see if it work.

Method 3: Implement a hard reset:

A hard reset initiates the connection between the hardware and BIOS setup. If it works it becomes easy to boot device not found 3f0 error. Below are the steps which you can follow. 

  • Turn it off the system.
  • Separate the system from the switchboard and make it off.
  • Detach all the peripheral devices from the system.
  • Turn off the system in order to release the charge.
  • Power on the system.
  • Now select the Windows OS using arrow keys.

An alternate method to solve the boot device not found error:

You can easily recover the boot device by examining the cause and use the above methods to solve them. Easily and efficiently you will recover the boot HDD device by using one of the above methods. However, there are cases when manual methods did not solve the situation. Then the appropriate way of solving the above problem is to use the third party software to solve the issues regarding a fix boot device not found 3f0 error. Moreover, window recovery software is the solution for every deleted file and also for recovering the boot device data. Similarly the software is compatible with almost all types of hard drives and retrieves the file format related to HDD recovery.


The above manual methods are worth trying for. Check out the recovery method which will help you in fixing not found 3f0 boot device error. However, one should always go for reliable methods. Thus, I would suggest you look for the third party software which I have dispensed here for you. If the manual methods don’t help you then go for the professional method.

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