Top 5 Best Free Alternatives To Microsoft Outlook

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  • Updated on May 17th, 2022

Summary:- In this article, I will share the information related alternatives to MS Outlook. We will discuss the best free alternatives to Microsoft outlook In addition to the pros and cons of particular email client software.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client which is quite popular among the students as well as in organization. Most users find it amazing and efficient to use. But because of its loads of added features in the software. The users are not even aware of those loaded characteristics makes it complicated to use. Every user who searches for the email clients has the first option in mind i,e. of Microsoft Outlook. You can also check the post on How to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook

Despite free of cost application for a user, there are other applications as well which are running on the line. As people are unaware of the crossline software which are running on the same line as that of Outlook. Down below I have entailed some applications which you will like in the replacement of Microsoft Outlook.

Free Email Client Outlook Alternatives for Windows 10

1) Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is the email client which is free of cost and is used mainly in corporate sectors and big organizations. The main purpose of using this desktop email client is that it gives the security line to its users. If individually users need to maintain the security of their data. They can also simply download the application. Thunderbird is free of cost along with is an open source application. It is one of the free and best email client for windows.

Its primary feature includes email inbox management, filtration of junk, supports themes and extensions as well. One can easily customize the application including add-ons to it. In addition, PGP encryption makes it more security sufficient. With the advanced filter system and increased search make exact emails to reach. However, In this application, one more feature is to add tabbed emails for managing multiple conversations which makes Thunderbird one of the best free alternatives to Microsoft Outlook.

  • Advanced folders and search options for better organization.
  • Manageable address book that is easy to use and recognize the things.
  • The main concern is security that is provided with the best.
  • Supports the import function messages from other email clients as well.
  • Extensions can be added so as to modify and aid the function.

So many features make users in dilemma to use which supported the feature.

  • Also, storage is limited.
  • Clumsy GUI.

best free alternatives to microsoft outlook

2) Apple mail

The application is inbuilt in the OS X operating systems. It is also known as mail and used only in OS X rather other operating systems.

  • It uses SMIME encryption for providing end to end encryption to the messages.
  • The SMTP protocol is used to send the data from one user to another user.
  • Make use of IMAP protocol to receive the data.
  • It is also prebuilt with other email clients like Outlook, Yahoo mail, I cloud etc.
  • There is no need to configure other email clients as it is already preconfigured with other email clients.
  • It is popular among the apple users and is simple to use. Also, we can manage the emails potently and evenly.
  • Provides fast search option as well which enables fast and robust search in the software.
  • The email client software is available in only OS x operating system.
  • The OS X mailbox does not show the tutorial of any smart search and other feature.
  • Templates and samples are also not available for searching the data.

3) EssentialPIM

Personal Information Manager is the software email client which is again similar to that of Outlook. It handles all the tasks related to email in one central location. The Essential PIM is one of the best free alternatives to the Microsoft Outlook aspect. It is what your users are looking for. Hence, It is the latest, modern and sleek in performance. People prefer Essential PIM also because of its sleekness and the way it performs.

  • The email organization supports the filters and other functionalities.
  • One can opt for an unlimited number of email accounts.
  • Supports all the formats related to import and export option.
  • Easily synchronize with IOS and Android operating systems.
  • When you update or upgrade the pro version then you will be unlocked with multi new features. This is valid only if you will be using the pro version of the software.

4) Netscape Communication

It is also known as Netscape mail in general. It is an email client as well as a new client. Operating Sytems like Linux, Windows and  OS X can use the software EssentialPIM. Without any conflict, the software follows all the protocols which are required to send and receive the mail from sender to receiver and in between the mail server too. Protocols like SMTP(Simple mail Transfer Protocol), POP3, and IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol).

  • In this multiple emails can be linked to the application in order to view the emails right in one place.
  • Multiple accounts can be made separately in one attempt.
  • Available for the major operating systems.


Thus, choosing the best and the versatile email client software will help you in managing your task work. Here above I have described the email clients and there pros and cons. Moreover, Check out the updated and best free alternatives to Microsoft outlook from here and simply with a single click you can download the software. It is free of cost as well. So why shouldn’t give it a try and decide among the best?

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